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Naughty Nibbling Nacho

Sometimes Mummy says I’m not the brightest button in the box and sometimes she says I’m downright silly. But in the next pigture she says I took it to a new level.

There’s Noah, enjoying a little spinach leaf over a bowl filled with carrot, celery, pepper and more spinach. I am the one at the back . . . Trying to eat the ceramic bowl . . .


I can’t tell you why I was eating the bowl. Mummy says she thought there might have been some juice from the foods on it or something. Technically whee have brush and chew mineral blocks to keep our teeth trim. And willow twigs to nibble on if whee want. So that must be the explanation!!

Whatever it was Mummy wanted to share it with you and humiliate me!

Have you ever been caught doing something furry silly?

Have a fabulous Friday


PS. There was some extremely upsetting news last night that a dog rescue in Manchester was burning. They arrested a 15 year old boy on suspicion of arson. Sadly 43 dogs are confirmed dead but 170 made it to safety thanks to the bravery of firefighters and two men who ran in and kicked down doors to get to the terrified animals. You can read more and donate to help them here. Our thoughts are with them.

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