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Complaining To The Management

IMG_6050It’s just not good enough. As whee showed on our wordless wednesday, Miss ‘Diva Dog’ Willow was unhappy about the lack of treats but whee have something worse.

Something whee are less than impressed with and whee would like to lodge a complaint with the management.

Here is our letter *ahem*

To whom it should very much concern,

Whee have been concerned for the last wheek that the food whee have has been receiving is substandard. For one whee have not had curly kale in a furry long time. So what if it’s not in season and the supermarkets don’t have it? You should be arranging imports and calling all the local farmers to order they grow it.

Next onto the time it take for veggies to reach us. There have been accusations that mischief has occurred in these times. The hoomans have been loudly complaining about the fact whee ate February from their new calender. For one, all the evidence was circumstantial. The teeth marks? Easily faked. The shredded pieces in the cage? Could be planted! The position of the calender by the cage? Circumstantial. It’s terrible that you can make these accusations without evidence.

And thirdly, the main point of our letter. The carrots. You have run out? What is the meaning of this? No carrots? What sort of an establishment are you running here?! So you are shopping tomorrow and will be getting more, what about veggie time tomorrow? What if whee had wanted carrots then?! Ok, spinach, red pepper and celery sounds good for tomorrow but what if whee had wanted carrots?! Next time keep them in stock.

Whee are watching you!



Monday Memes

I am not happy to see you Monday. Not happy at all. All the little hoomans at school and the big hoomans working . . . It’s madness! Madness, I tell you! Anyway Mummy got this pigture of me looking furry cross and pouting like no furries business! She made these memes which whee hope will make you smile this mean ol’ Monday.

image image

image Together furfriends whee may get through it. Monday . . . I order you to go away very very soon.

What would your meme for this pigture of me be?



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