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Wordless Woodpecker Wednesday

A little visitor to our garden!


Happy Wednesday

Nacho, Noah, Buddy & Basil

Flowery Friday

Whee have all been talking about wanting Spring to hurry up and arrive and stay fur awhile now. Though the weather can still be a little cold whee are seeing the first signs of spring in tulips and other flowers in the garden. Whee were also thrilled to discover that our little curled parsley plant survived the winter! So whee got to enjoy some fresh parsley in during our garden time yesterday. Here are some pigtures

Have you noticed any new signs that Spring is on the way where you are?

Happy Flowery Friday efurryone!



The Big Reveal!

Well lets see who guessed right . . .

In a shocking turn of events, Colin Caterpillar is in custody for the cucumber crunching. He is also believed to be responsible for the ravishing of next door’s vegetables! (Colin is a Aglais urticae for anyone who is interested in that sort of thing)


And Samantha Snail was snared for the theft of one rather small basil plant. Whee believe Severus Slug may have been working with Samantha but whee don’t have the proof!

Did you guess right? Are you impressed by our investigating?

All in a days work for the CIA – Cavy Investigations Agency!

Have a terrific Tuesday, knowing that the gardens are a safe place to be once more!

Nibbles, Nutty, Buddy & Basil


Salad Stealing Suspects . . .

Ok, whee have very carefully analysed the evidence. Whee spent a long time at the scene of the crime and now I, Inspector Basil of the Hutch have a list of suspects. If you missed it, whee have a naughty  thief who has been nomming on our home grown vegetables. See here.


Severus Slug – Seen in the area, looking suspiciously chubby

Samantha Snail – Seen up that end of the garden and a known offender, who last made off with Mummy’s marigolds two weeks ago

Scuzzy Squirrel – Was on a date with a pretty red squirrel and The Oak Restaurant can confirm this.

Colin the Caterpillar – Was seen in the area, and found on the edge of one of the pots in which a crime was committed

Boots, the neighbourhood kitten – was spotted bothering the koi carp in  a furfriends garden two roads away at the time of the crime

Felix the Fox – Claims to have been somewhere else but no one else can confirm this.


So as you can see, I have narrowed it down. Unfortunately the clues are conflicting and  I believe the cucumber cruncher and the basil burglar may be two separate crimes.

Dun dun dun

This investigating has been tiring work. Who do you think did it? Let us know and whee will have the big reveal and arrests in the next post!



Sweet (sort of) Silent Sunday – Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day to all the Daddy’s across the UK being spoilt rotten today!

Nibbles, Nutty, Buddy & Basil


PS. Whee are still trying to catch the evil cucumber killer. Whee now have a shortlist of suspects!

Who Scoffed It?! Sherlock Saturday!

Well the hoomans had strawberries and whee got to eat some of the left overs! (Mummy admits that she leaves lots so whee can get some! Good cavy slave!)

Whee wish whee could tell you whee got them from our garden but ours still look like this:


Actually while whee are on a garden update whee would like to call upon our Sherlock Skilled furfriends. Something has been scoffing our little ‘unlucky cucumber’. The cucumber was called unlucky due to the fact it was dropped twice on the way home and reduced price because it was smaller than the others. Now it  has been scalped, something has turned it into a tough skin head cucumber plant! Whatever it was has stolen our basil plant too, as there is nothing left where it should be now!?

What do you think nommed on our little unlucky cucumber? And who stole our little basil plant?! Who dunnit?!

Whee will do some investigating and reveal who it was tomorrow!

Have a great Saturday efurryone.



Follow Da Leader!

Well whee had another lovely sunny day today and me and Nibbles discovered a brilliant new game when playing in the garden. Whee follow each other round and round in circles! It’s super fun and whee love it!

Dee dum dee dee a diddly dum de day . . .

What’s your favourite game to play on a sunny day?



How Does Your Garden Grow?

Well yesterday whee had some lovely sunshine so Mummy and the little hoomans put us in the garden. They said they were growing some things whee might like to eat. Whee got them to take some pigtures of the veggie and herb plants so whee could show you, and maybe when they are big and tall whee can show you them again!

Hope efurryone had a great day and have a super Saturday!



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