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I Solemnly Swear I am Up To No Good

If you haven’t heard the quote at the title it’s from Harry Potter. If you haven’t heard of Harry Potter have you been living under a rock?! The quote is a phrase you have to say to get a magical map to show up and when you want it to vanish a change back into normal paper you say “Mischief Managed”

According to the hooman I have managed quite a lot of mischief lately. So today is Friday and I can tell you that this wheekend, I solemnly swear, I shall be up to no good!

What’s the naughtiest thing you have ever done or tried to do?



No Noah

Mummy says this alot. I don’t know why. It’s always when I’m doing something fun too.

“No Noah, don’t eat my hair.”
“No Noah, bite the bars.”
“No Noah, don’t dig your nose in the food bowl and flick half of it out to find a piece you like.”

I mean, it’s a wonder I get anything fun done with her like that!

Anyway, Mummy wants me to stand trial for my naughtiness.


I’m innocent your honor and Nacho my lawyer is also my character witness! You are the jury. So am I guilty of the crimes I am accused of, or innocent? If I am found guilty, what do you think should be my punishment?

Vote wisely and have a great day!


Dear Santa . . . I Can Explain!

Mummy says that Santa Paws is always watching and he sees efurrything. Well I’m hoping Santa will forgive me if I confess to the naughtiness I have been involved in.


Dear Santa,

I can explain.

The sequins just didn’t look good on Mummy’s jumper. 

Who needs the pause button on the tv remote?!

The squeaking during the tense part in the movie was me showing how much I was enjoying it too.

I thought Mummy needed a hair cut.

It wasn’t me.

Please confess your sins too so that Santa will forgive and visit you. Remember ‘Sins Before Santa’! ( #sinsb4santa Hehehehe)

Happy Friday Efurryone



Wordless Wednesday – Speechless

Someone (who has asked not to be named) drew Mummy holding Basil and she is just speechless. They are incredibly talented don’t you think!



Something Strange Saturday

At first the hooman thought it was a one off . . . something a little funny. Then it happened again and it was an odd coincidence. The third time? Mummy is beginning to think it’s something all piggies do!

When elder piggies (I say elder loosely as Nacho is only a month or two older than me) have had enough of the little ones they tend to jump up on top of pigloos and boxes and hide. Mummy thinks it’s really funny seeing history repeating itself like this.

Unfortunately for Nacho, I’m pretty intelligent and unlike the other times Mummy has seen this I worked out where Nacho was quickly and jumped up to join him. There is no escaping ‘crazy pig’, as the hoomans fondly refer to me as. Why call me ‘crazy pig’? I dash efurrywhere at top speed, finds efurrything exciting and have a squeak to end all squeaks. I’m talking ear splitting here! Mummy recorded this sound clip sitting on the sofa, next to the cage and it sounds like I’m right by it!

As I said, crazy pig!

Anyway, Mummy is working on a Hallo-wheek inspired story today so that might be ready for tomorrow or in a couple of days so that’s something to look forward to! What is efurryone else up to today?



Wordless Wednesday – Baby Bloopers

As requested the baby piggies (Nacho & Noah) pigtureshoot bloopers!

Nacho & Noah


Do You Love Piggies?!

Do you love/have/want piggies? Then whee have a site that might be useful to you! One of our hoomans favourite online hangouts The Guinea Pig Forum!

The background should be green but wordpress has decided they don’t like green today!

If you love piggies they have the Your Stories and Photos Section Where you can post about your own piggies or follow other piggies antics. (You wouldn’t believe some of the things whee have read on there!)

If you have piggies then the Guinea Pig Care Discussion Section is an absolute godsend in times of need. The Health and Illness Section has great resource ‘sticky’ pages and a wealth of members knowledge to advise you. (To quote our most recent time, was when Basil hurt his claw it was previous advice on there that helped us) The Behaviour Section really helps you understand the needs of your piggies and the stickies there include how to introduce piggies and read signs of dominance. It was where Mummy learnt all she knows about introducing us and whee have turned out alright! (ish!)

If you want piggies then you can learn everything you need to know beforehand and ask questions which piggy owners, including our hooman, will answer. The General Chat and Other Pet sections mean piggies aren’t the only focus and you can introduce all your other pets!

They also do great fundraising events for guinea pig rescues including the newly started monthly photo contest and one of the highlights of our hoomans year, Secret Santa for rescue piggies. A great idea that has been done there for a few years now. You sign up and then are sent the details of a piggy that is stuck in a rescue of Pigmass. You then put together a bundle of gifts which can be toys, treats, or anything else you might want to give to the piggy to make their Pigmass special. Whee are definitely doing it again, though somefurry needs two talk Buddy out of wanting to send pigtures of himself to the ladypigs! It took a lot to stop him last year!

So why not sign up, introduce yourself whether you are a bit interested and just starting out or have years of knowledge, whee know you would enjoy being part of such a great community. Whee hope to see you there! Our username is *Nibbles&Nugget* named after Mummy’s first two piggies!

Have a great Thursday

Nacho, Noah, Buddy & Basil


Disclaimer – Although TheGuineaPigForum requested a mention on the blog all views and opinions expressed are our own and whee were not paid in any way for this. Not even any parsley *hint hint Mummy*


Wordless Wednesday – Cold Carpet!




ps. Whee all have dates for the Howl-o-ween ball now, but if anyfurry is still looking, whee know the handsome Nom Nom is looking fur a date. He is a handsome tri-colour piggy, check him out here

Because Buddy Is Nice

I am nice. There’s no two ways about it! With Basil having a poorly paw I felt sorry for him and let him sit in my the tent when Mummy let us wander in the garden. She put down fleece blankets efurrywhere for us to walk on so Basil didn’t hurt his paw more which was nice. Carpet! Hehehe

Basil wasn’t all that grateful about my tent sacrifice and spent most of his time pulling threads out of it but Mummy says she is proud of me. I didn’t try to chase, scare, sneakily get him out or any other naughtiness. I just sat in the doorway of it and squeaked at him. Mummy got these pigtures when whee were excited because a little hooman was bringing some grass over!

I have been taking good care of Basil too. Fetching him pieces of food and being extra snuggly. The hoomans had nicknamed me Dr Bud Bud. Here is a pigture of Basil’s toe today. It looks pretty strange but it is clean, a healthy pink colour and Mummy is happy with how it look. The vet-man will have a look at it to make sure it’s alright too but as an expert Dr piggy I think he is on the mend!


Have you had to make allowances for sick or hurt furfriends?

Have a terrific Tuesday efurryone

Dr Buddy


Watching And Waiting – Sort of Silent Sunday

You can learn a lot by just watching ~ Anon

When I’m in the garden I love nothing more than watching the world roll by. And Mummy’s Mummy on the bench. And the delicious grass which I am only allowed small amounts of till my tummy is back to normal. I’m slowly being allowed different veggies back and small amounts of grass but just look at that lawn and tell me it’s not begging for me to nom on it?!!


Have a serene Saturday efurryone


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