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Man Down! Auction Up!

Well today the bidding wars officially begin for Leo the poorly kitty. Get over there are get in before all the bargains are gone! Whee just managed to sneak a little something in for you to big on but it was a close thing because one of us had a little accident last night . . .




Yes, the drama. Unfortunately Buddy and Basil had a little argument last night and one of them got hurt. It was poor little Basil (whee say poor but he is suspected of starting the fight in the first place) Usually they say that if they draw blood you must separate guinea pigs immediately but straight after they were cuddled up together with Buddy caring for Basil so Mummy decided it would do more harm than good to separate them.

Basil had what is a quite nasty deep cut which goes all the way through his lip and is a little over 1cm. Mummy called the out of hours vets last night in a bit of a panic for some advice. Whee have to keep it clean and let it heal on its own unless he shows signs of an infection. So whee are keeping a careful eye on him. Mummy is giving him some special food called critical care and probiotic water just to keep him going in case he is struggling to eat or drink. After the way he attacked veggies this morning whee think he is ok but Mummy is just being careful. This morning whee got a pigture so whee could show you guys the damage and believe it or not this is actually a hell of a lot better than it was last night!

Please send healing wheeks too Basil and he requests from his sickbed that you buy lots of things at the auction as it is for such a good cause.

Have a mellow Monday



Fundraising Animal Auction for Lovely Leo . . . The Mollie Miracle

There is something special which whee are reminded of in times of need. This blogosphere is a family. A family who pull together and create miracles when one of them is in need.

There is a kitty in need right now. If you aren’t familiar with Leo’s story – just visit our previous post where whee mention him or Savannah’s blog and take a look to see how much her foster bro-fur is going through. Leo is a very sick cat and Savannah’s pawrents are footing most of the vet bills while the cat charity he is from is trying to raise funds.

However a furry kind furry is creating one of the aforementioned miracles in doing a big Auction and Raffle thingy to raise money. To see the posts about how you can help see Mollie’s blog here and how to buy raffle tickets here. As this is quite a lot for one person to handle Misaki is also helping out and you can donate and buy raffle tickets there too.


Untitled-12If you can donate something or buy a ticket then please hop over there. All donations need to be told to Mollie or Misaki by Friday 17th. The Auction with take place on Monday 20th and raffle winners will be announced on Wednesday 22nd.

So please, if you can, help do! There is no better cause than family.

Nibbles, Nutty, Buddy & Basil


ps. Whee dedicate this song to Savvy, Leo and their pawrents . . .

A Furfriend In Need

Whee don’t often (see, ever!) ask for favours involving money but whee would very much appreciate if you could visit this page on the blog of our furfriend Savannah, on Savannah Paw Tracks. Her pawrents are foster caring for a cat charity and they have taken on the care of a very unwell kitty called Leo. Leo needs a lots of vet treatment which of course costs money. On the linked page you can see how to help and donate. They would so appreciate it. However much you can give will help.

It’s times like this whee remember how truly fortunate whee are and it also reminds Mummy to add to what she has nicknamed the ‘CC’ fund. (Cavy Curing Fund)

Illness, disease and accidents can strike at any time and all pet owners should have insurance or some money set aside to cover this. Too many times you read of very sick animals being given to shelters because the owner couldn’t not afford, or did not seek veterinary care quickly enough.

Now in comparison to most other pets whee are relatively cheap to treat when ill but if it is something serious (and with us it really is all-or-nothing!) then investigations to find the best course of action can be expensive. Just because whee are small and sometimes cruelly thought of as easily replaceable does not mean we are not entitled to care when sick. People are far to quick to give up. One vet trip, oh I’ll try some antibiotics . . . end of course and nothing has changed and they don’t go back. Why? What makes us less worthy?

This is a rant whee often have. If your animal is sick you get treatment whether they are horse or stick insect. Otherwise it is cruelty and illegal.

Right we went off on a tangent there but it really bugs us. Anywho, please visit Savvy’s blog and help her pawrents help her foster brother.

Also please give us your views on setting money aside and lack of love for small furries when sick.

Nibbles, Nutty, Buddy & Basil


ps. Buddy has been up to mischief today which whee will tell you all about tomorrow!

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