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From Your Whiskers to Your Paws

From Your Whiskers to Your Paws

A poem to my guinea pigs!

You think the carpet is a toilet,

You think all clothes are food,

You poop wherever you please,

And you fart too (that’s kind of rude!)

You squeak out when you want me,

And rumble when you’ve had enough,

And you never let me pass the cage,

Without giving you a fuss!

I don’t know how you did it,

Did it happen over time?

How do you bring me running,

With every squeak and whine?!

You sleep inside your food bowl,

And wee all on your bed,

But are endlessly entertaining,

When you’re on my brothers head!


I don’t care how much trouble,

Never mind the havoc you can cause,

I love every single bit of you,

From your whiskers to your paws.

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