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Drawn Out Of Our Shells

Whee have been finding it so hard to think of things to do and write to get us back into posting regularly and then whee got this and now whee remember why whee do this. It’s because whee love you guys.

Let us explain what this is. It is a gift by the highly talented friend and artist of ours J M Shadow. She is a wonder isn’t she?!

Wonderful drawing of Hutch A Good Life Piggies by J M Shadow

Here whee all are from left to right Buddy, Basil, Nutty and Nibbles.

Now whee would love to hear what you think of this as whee are also going to give the blog a makeover with some of J M Shadow’s artwork. Also if there is anything you would like us to do or write about please say, whee love feedback and ideas.

Thanks for sticking with us and whee love you all!

Nibbles. Nutty, Buddy & Basil


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