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Whee are pleased to announce…

Noah has been given the all clear! Despite the fact they were so sure he was going to lose his eye they made the consultation we went to with the surgeon he has shown his fighting spirit and his eye is back to normal!

They did think his sight might still be affected but otherwise he is his usual naughty self again!


The biggest thing whee want hoomans to take from this is that quick veterinary treatment can really make all the difference for guinea pigs. Piggies are very good at hiding injuries and illness because as whee are prey animals, whee have to be! Even with going on the day of the injury to see the vet Noah still very nearly lost his eye. (Not that whee think he would have minded being a pirate piggy!!)

If you think there’s is something not quite right then it’s always best to get it checked. You can check our health check page to see if you can spot any signs that something might be wrong.

How was efurryones Valentines wheekend?

Hope you had a great one!

Nacho, Noah, Buddy and Basil

An Update on Noah – Whee Need Your Help

Whee are so sorry for the lack of updates. After Noah started to make an improvement he then suddenly went downhill again and looked much worse.

Another vet trip later and he has new eye drops to try to help but he really hates them. He does however still like the painkillers and takes them like a champ!

As you can probably see, his eye is very sore and he is not himself. So whee would like to ask you, on this soggy Saturday, please tell us your funniest animal related jokes or stories so I can try to cheer my fluffy little cagemate up

Whee hope you have a great Saturday and please keep Noah in your thoughts on Wednesday as that is when he goes back to the vets.

Squeaks and whiffles


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