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Science Saturday – Whee Can Keep a Secret or Why Little Hoomans Need a Pet!

IMG_5192Whee saw a very interesting BBC article which said Children ‘more likely to confide in pets than siblings’

Whee know this to be a fact because whee pets can keep a secret. Whee aren’t about to squeak out and spill the beans on your deepest and darkest.

Matt Cassels at Cambridge University says far too little attention has been paid to the significant role of pets in young people’s emotions.

“They may feel that their pets are not judging them,” said Mr Cassels.

That’s right. Whee don’t judge. Whee don’t lie. Whee don’t tell anyone. Whee just listen.

And that is why pets can play such an impawtent role in your little hoomans development.

There was a therapeutic side to this relationship, he suggested, with the pets playing the role of the listener and being more “empathetic” for children than writing problems into a diary.

The study, he said, showed that it was “valid to talk about child pet relationships in the same way we talk about sibling relationships”

wpid-snapchat-20140826055120.jpgThat’s another impawtent thing to note. Whee become part of the family to these children. Whee are guessing this study probably focused on dogs and cats but guinea pigs make excellent children’s pets.

So if your little hooman is hassling for a pet. Or if you are a little hoomans begging your pawrents to let you have a pet. Ask them to read that article. Let them see the scientific proof of how life changing and vital a pet can be!

Have a lovely wheekend!

Nacho, Noah, Buddy & Basil


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