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What Time Is It?! Time Warp Tuesday!!

beforeafter1 This exciting blog hop is hosted by our furfriends Mollie and Alfie and Easy Rider

The idea of this blog hop is to post an old pigture and say a little bit about why you picked it and/or the story behind it.

Well whee couldn’t pick just one pigture but these are of Tilly (Aka Tilly-Dog), our Australian Aunt’s doggy. They were taken in 2008 when the hoomans spent three wheeks out there. Mummy still gets her updates on what Tilly is up to but she does miss her a lot. Luckily whee are here to cuddle her and cheer her up!

Tilly is a funny little doggy who snores really loudly and kept sneaking into Mummy’s room and bed when they were there. Mummy always took one look at those eyes and couldn’t bear to tell her off. So what if the hooman couldn’t sleep eh?! You can tell by the fact most of the pigture are on the bed how often she was told to get down!

What is your favourite holiday memory? Do you know an animal or hooman who snores a lot? How do you deal with a snorer?

Happy Tuesday efurryone

Nacho, Noah, Buddy & Basil


Wordless Wednesday – What Do You Mean?!

Try to caption this pigture Mummy took of Willow when she was told they were all out of treats!


Happy Wordless Wednesday


Pets Passed

Ok this is a slightly sadder than usual post for us so let this be fair warning. Whee were inspired by Princess Zena who has been getting her hooman to go posts about animals she used to have. So Mummy has been looking back to see the fur and feathers that made her who she is.

The very first furry was a little black toy poodle called Katie who belonged to her Grandad. Kate was very old by the time Mummy was born but she remembers being very little and curling up with Katie in her doggy bed. One of the most special things about Katie was she was totally blind in her old age and despite being very fragile she still took good care of our hooman and gave her a love of animals which has stayed with her. Whee so wish whee had a pigture to show you but they are all at Grandad’s house!

Next came Anastasia and Cinderella, fondly known as Annie and Cinders, two little gerbils! Mummy’s first rodents! Mummy was very excited to get them. Here is her with one of the little hoomans and them when they arrived at the house! Looking back she remembers being very excited about buying the biggest pink cage in the shop but that was 1998 and now she is not so sure its that great. She called it Cinderella castle! But wee are so glad cages have improved since and things are so much better in terms of making nice homes for furries. They were very cheeky and loved digging. They were nearly lost down the side of many a sofa cushion! Though its not clear from the photos they were black all over with little white patches on their tails  to distinguish one from the other.

our very little Mummy who is only for and a little hooman with both the little gerbils!

our very little Mummy who is only for and a little hooman with both the little gerbils!

Anastasia and Cinderella the gerbils, Annie and Cinders for short, with us for 3 wonderful years

Anastasia and Cinderella the gerbils, Annie and Cinders for short, with us for 3 wonderful years

After this Mummy got a feathered furfriend.

A little blue budgie. Now this is actually a slightly funny story. Originally named Barney this was one very grumpy budgie. So grumpy in fact Mummy’s Mummy took it to the vet thinking something must be wrong! Well nothing was discovered as far as illness goes but the vet did tell us Barney was in fact a Barbie. Yes their little boy budgie was a little girl budgie. With permanent PMT apparently! Barbie spent her few years with Mummy being a bit of a biter and quite naughty.  She passed away very sadly and suddenly of a mysterious illness when she was four. Again Mummy was sad to remember how small the cage was. It was the biggest available to them at the time, but it still looks too little to her. So thankful things have improved.

Barbie the budgie, passed away aged 4 after a mystery illness

Barbie the budgie, passed away aged 4 after a mystery illness

After that Mummy had a very long wait before she was finally allowed pets again and got  the lovely Nibbles and Nugget. Nugget who whee called chicken nugget was a very cheeky chappy who passed away due to a heart condition aged three. He used to love being put at one end of the garden and dashing all the way to the other end. For a chubby little chap he could move at quite a speed!

Nugget, left, passed away aged just 3

Nibbles is clearly still with us but now with his new furfriend Nutty. Next came Buddy and Bingo, who were both with us at the start of this blog. Unfortunately Bingo was very ill and whee lost him when he was only 9 months old. And so Buddy is now with little Basil.

Bingo, sadly put to sleep after battling illness his whole life aged just 9 months

This post does have a bit of a point which whee are finally getting to! Whee are opening a little rainbow bridge page to remember those whee have lost with some poems. Whee would love for you to be able to go to that page and post a little comment about a furry you would like to remember.

Whee hope whee haven’t made you sad, all the memories Mummy has of them are so happy and she can finally look back on them fondly, without bursting into tears. All these animals have made our Mummy who she is and though they are gone, they will never be forgotten!

Nibbles, Nutty, Buddy & Basil


Cavy Bearding?!

Have you heard about it? A new craze on the internet known as pet bearding. Basically you hold your cat/dog/rat/ferret up to your face and get a pigture! A great example whee found on google include this lovely pigture! (this is not our pigture whee just borrowed it off google, if you search catbearding or dogbearding you can see loads more, great way to waste an afternoon!)

There is even an official site whee found where they show many types.

The only logical next step is guinea piggies so guess what Mummy got when she was at a friends house with their piggies . . . .


Poppy the guinea pig and her hooman Mummy

Ta da! The very first guinea pig/ cavy bearding! Please give it a go and tell us about it! Whee wanna see all of your hoomans rocking their great pet looks!

Nibbles, Nutty, Buddy & Basil


Mummy’s Day Mark 2

Well whee have seen that it was just Mother’s Day in other countries today so whee thought it might be worth re-posting this little video whee made on UK Mummy’s Day this year. Enjoy it, and whee hope all you Mummy’s had a great day!

Nibbles, Nutty, Buddy & Basil


Happy Easter, Now You Need To Vote!

Well Easter is here and whee have discovered whee just don’t know who to pick as winner of the third contest. So whee a copping out, handing judgement over to our dear readers.

Who do you think should win the title of Hutch An Amazing Easter Animal 2013!











Misaki's easter pic








It’s a tough choice so you can vote for as many as you like! Let the voting begin!

Nibbles, Nutty, Buddy & Basil


Mummy’s Boys?

Would you like to star in a video? Whee decided, maybe three minutes ago now, that whee would like to make a Mother’s Day video. Whee are just picking a song now.

So what does this have to do with you? Well whee are asking you to please send a pigture of you to . You can include a little message for your Mummy if you would like to and whee may include some.

Whee particularly want group pigtures or pigtures with your hoomans or just you looking adorable. Maybe even causing trouble you know your Mummy will forgive.

By entering it here you are giving us permission to use it in our video which whee do plan to put on youtube.

Please get them to us by midday tomorrow to give us time to work on it. Whee know it is short notice!

Thank you and Happy Mothers Day.

Nibbles, Nutty, Buddy & Basil

ps. Whee have finished our little break now and are back for good. After the sad loss of our Mummy’s Granny whee were struggling to come on here but whee really are back now!

pps. It has just been pointed out that not all of you will celebrate Mother’s Day tomorrow like us but you are all welcome to join in anyway. Any excuse to pamper the hoomans and improve the treat chances!

Love In The Air

So we are a little slow on posting but that is mainly thanks to a romantic valentine dance whee went to. Here whee are with our fabulous partners . . .

Nibbles, Nutty, Buddy & Basil





What To Get For The Pet Lover Who Has Everything!

What to get for the pet lover who has everything? Well whee have done our research. Or rather Mummy has done lots of research! (Whee don’t think she has hated it to much!)

Idea 1 – Animal Sponsorship

Whee recommend sponsoring from one of our favourite small furry rescues,  Bramley Cavy Rescue.  They have a variety to choose from guinea pigs, rabbits, tortoises, pygmy hedgehog and a hamster.

Sponsor a guide dog puppy. You can get updates on the training of the puppy and personalised letters. It helps both blind people and puppies.

Sponsor an abandoned dog from Dogs Trust. Why not help a charity that saves thousands of dogs every year, and sponsor one of those unfortunate pets? Abandoned, mistreated, beaten or abused and then given a new, wonderful life.

Or walk on the wild side with WWF animal sponsorship. Helping with the conservation of some of the rarest and most beautiful animals in the world.

Idea 2 – Animal themed gifts

RSPCA set of greetings cards – A set of sweet animal cards, for all occassions.

RSPCA Westie Slippers – An adorable set of slippers for dog lovers!

Idea 3 – Animal themed books

RSPCA shop ‘Dog Heroes Book’ – An amazing book of true stories of canine courage.

RSPCA shop ‘Wonder Cats Book’ – A book of heart warming stories about wonderful loyal felines.

Idea 4 – Jewellery and Clothes (for that fashionable magpie of a pet lover!)

Guinea pig necklaces from The Winking Cavy Online Store – Honestly, Mummy nearly cried she wants one so badly!

RSPCA Shop: Keep Calm And Walk The Dog t shirt – The perfect thing to wrap up in on those cold mornings when somefurry really wants to go walkies.

RSPCA shop: Crazy Cat Lady t shirt – Who is woman enough to admit it?!

Everything in Feline Designs Shop! – Whee couldn’t just pick one. All of their t shirts are amazing. Our Mummy has one and so does one of the little hoomans. Small Furries. Dogs. Cats. Horses.

Idea 5 – Everything else!

RSPCA Pocket diary – For those unorganised animal lovers to remind them about all those vet appointments!

PDSA shop – All these things are great.

Idea 6 – For The Pets (don’t forget us!)

Snugglesafe Heatpads – Seriously, don’t let Nibbles go on about how it helps his joints, whee all love cuddling the heatpads! (Mummy wraps ours in a blue blanket so whee don’t make the cute cover dirty!)

Heatpads - perfect for sharing!

Heatpads – perfect for sharing!

Giant Squeaky Candy Cane – The canine safe candy toy!

Gingerbread Cat Scratcher House – A cat scratchy house for those itchy clawed felines!

Christmas Woodland Chew Garland – A garland of wooden chews whee just loved, for all small furries!

Basil loves his Pigmassy garland chew!

Basil loves his Pigmassy garland chew!

Christmas Dinner Nibblers – Wooden chews shaped to be a small furry pets Pigmass dinner!

So if you were struggling to pick those last minute gifts, whee hope this helps. All of these are things whee know Mummy would love for her or us, so whee made her do the research to taunt her with things she has forgotten to put on her list!

The excitment is building! Pigmass is nearly here!

Nibbles, Nutty, Buddy & Basil


Winners Of The Pigmass Pigture Contest!

Well the time has arrived! The big reveal! Here are the winners of our Pigmass Pigture contest. Unfortunately whee did not get enough for a Merry Mischief Maker vote but the little hoomans had good discussion about it and picked a winner. Whee hope you will agree and like our choices!

Tinsel Terrors and Troubles – Causing trouble in tinsel . . .

Nibblet The Rat

Nibblet The Rat

Noel Naughtiness – Does this face look naughty to you?!

Jester the guinea pig

Jester the guinea pig

Present Posers – You posing with some presents!

Charlie and Theo

Charlie and Theo the guinea pigs

Christmas Angel – For boys and girls who are top of the good list this year! Who will be the angel at the top of our tree?


Scampy the doggy

Merry Mischief Maker 2012 – “Whee Are Just Helping . . . !”

Max and Lily

Max and Lily the guinea pigs

Winnners you will find your prizes in the next post. Congratulations!

Nibbles, Nutty, Buddy & Basil


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