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Does My Guinea Pig Love Me?

As you know, whee love answering your questions. So when Olivia asked:

Does my guinea pig love me?

Whee just had to write this post!


Arguably one of the greatest parts of having guinea pigs is how much pigsonality whee have. Whee show a huge range of emotions with rumbles,squeaks, purrs and wiggles.

So do we show love to our hoomans? Yes, whee do! Of course, much like hoomans whee are all individual and some of us may be very shy or grumpy but most of us will show some signs of affection.

So how can you tell if your guinea pig is being affectionate?


Purring – When you are hugging us and whee let our a little content “drrrrr” noise, much like a louder cat purr, this is a sign whee are feeling relaxing and safe which means whee feel some affection for you. This is not to be confused with the rumble strut where whee are much louder and wiggle our bottoms!

Squeaks – Our squeak will vary from little cooing contented noises, to full squealing the house down “where-are-our-veggies” squeaks! In time you hoomans come to learn them but it you want to listen to some whee have a few videos on our instagram you can look through or youtube is full of great videos!


Popcorning – When whee are happy whee sometimes just can’t contain it and it explodes from us in a bounce into the air, with a kicking out of feet and usually accompanied by a squeaks. The scientific name for this is “pronking” but whee think popcorning sounds much cuter!

Shakes – This is not to be confused with something serious like a seizure, but sometimes whee get furry excited and much like a popcorn whee can’t contain it. Then, like a dog wags it’s tail, whee will wiggle our bodies. Noah does this a lot. It’s not quite a popcorn but more a head flick and splat! (his legs go everywhere because he gets too over excited!)


Licking – Sometimes whee lick you as a sign of affection. Licking fingers is a common way for us to greet our little hoomans. Apparently, it is rarer for nose licks to happen but I freely gives these out to anyone and efurryone when I’m asked for kisses, what can I say, I’m a floozy!

Whiffling – Sometimes when you are holding us whee will nuzzle our head against your face, neck or hands. Whee have long whiskers so this usually tickles and makes our little hoomans giggle!

Whee are sure there are plenty of other ways whee show whee love you but these are the one’s that come to mind. How do your guinea pigs/pets show affection?

Have a great day efurryone



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