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Dumped Not Disposable – How Can We Stop This Happening?

It’s not often news stories makes Mummy truly angry but a recent couple did just that.

One was on ITV news and regarding an appeal for information after two guinea pigs were dumped in woods in Dorset.


Taken from ITV News story, credit to RSPCA


These two defenceless little guys were found in the woods by a member of the public who stayed with them until an RSPCA animal collection officer was able to collect them. In doing so, the member of the public showed more care than their owner had and I’d like to applaud them for it. Had the owner shown the same humanity they would never have left them there.

The news story described them as cold and wet and one as having badly matted hair. But did say they are now safe and recovering from their ordeal.

The second story said was in Cornwall and again, involved guinea pigs abandoned in the cold. You can read their story here.

Frustratingly, many rescues and shelters here in the UK will take animals without judgement or too many questions. Even leaving them at a vet surgery would have been preferable to dumping them in the woods, where someone was lucky to happen upon them, in the freezing cold and damp conditions.

How anyone can do this is beyond us. Mummy wouldn’t even take us outside in this weather unless to the vets or in an emergency! Even then we would be wrapped up warm with heat pads!

The question whee would like to put to you all today is; how do you, personally, think we can stop this from happening again? How can we change the idea that pets are disposable?

Is it through education? Laws? Or something more radical like compulsory pet registration or neutering?

Whee would love to learn your views

Nacho, Noah, Buddy & Basil


PS. Anyone with information on the two piggies mentioned in the first story should contact the RSPCA inspector information line on 0300 123 8018.

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