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Tuesday Turning Troubles

Do you ever find yourself stuck or backed into a corner with no way out. Sometimes hoomans feel that way. They get furry stressed and scared. I’m quite a nervous piggy myself but when I’m stuck in a corner like in the pigture below I have some top tips for stress busting which I think hoomans could use too! Whee are writing this post after on of our Twitter hooman friends said she gets panic attacks and wanted advice coping with them. Who better to advise her than me?!

Nacho’s Top 5 Tips for Handling Stress

  1. Don’t squeak and get your fluff in a twist, you may not be where you want to be but you will get where you’re going a lot easier if you don’t panic!
  2. Do stop to eat a snack or have a chat with somefurry to distract yourself.
  3. Don’t throw yourself at the wall. Think of a easy way out, sometimes going backwards is the only way to go forwards and that’s ok.
  4. Do tell someone if you can’t manage alone. Squeak once for your Mummy. She may be surprised at first and take pigtures of your butt even though you quite clearly didn’t intend to get your ass in the gap in the first place, but eventually she can help you out.
  5. And finally don’t ever feel alone. You’re never alone. Lots of hoomans and furries get stressed and scared over lots of things. Thunder storms, fireworks, spiders. If you’re the sort of hooman who is scared of a few more things, there’s nothing wrong with that!

Have a great day efurryone and whee really hope this helps somefurry out or puts a smile on their face 🙂

Happy Tuesday



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