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Cuddle (A Poem)


One of our little hoomans recently started a poetry blog and whee asked him if he would write us a poem for our blog 🙂

He said yes and whee now have “Cuddle” to share with you!


Outstretched arms
for warm embrace,
I run away,
I love the chase.

They follow me
with eager palms,
I’m lifted high
in Mother’s arms.

She carries me,
I feel secure,
Her hands around me,

We sit and cuddle,
I watch TV,
the others come
to cuddle me.

I yawn and sleep,
in Mother’s lap,
No better time,
to take a nap.

The life I lead,
in luxury,
with many hands,
to cuddle me.

I want to write this thank you note,
else in hay, all day, I’d dig
More hugs for me
More hugs for you
yours sincerely,

Guinea Pig

What do you think? Whee would love it if you could check out his blog.

Happy Sunday efurryone

Nacho, Noah, Buddy & Basil

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