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A Chill In The Air, And Mummy Won’t Be Fair!

Me before I realised the terribleness of my situation and just how furry cold it was!

Today has been horrific. There is no other way of putting it. As Autumn has come, so has cooler weather. Mummy believes whee need exercise so insists all of us go on the garden as often as possible. Including today. Of course, I protested, but there’s no telling some hoomans when they get an idea into their head. She plonked us in our runs with only a fleece blanket and a pile of grass each.

Of course, while I was recovering from the shock, I devoured the grass. But when I had finished I pleaded with Mummy to take us in. Squeaking pitifully and calling to her. She kept pointing to the fleece blanket which was strangely warm and contained a sort of pet safe heat pad. Rather nice on an elderly lad’s chilly tootsies!

However, on principal, I glared and complained until whee were brought in. Now I am snuggled up in my lovely hay in my lovely heated house. The way it should be!

Do you mind cold weather? What do you do to stay warm? And how on Earth can I make Mummy listen to me next time (trust me, with her behaviour, there is sure to be a next time!)?!


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