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Run Buddy Run

Mummy has said it soo many times and soo many ways. She has fought a brave battle with my bulge but now she thinks she has a plan. Not long ago she put me on Harringtons guinea pig food in controlled portions and gave me less sugary fruits and more vegetables.  Slowly I’ve lost weight but as Autumn has begun it’s return whee are spending less and less time in the garden and less time running around. Already my weight is creeping up.

So Mummy purchased this ‘indoor small animal run’ from Argos. Priced at £25 it’s a little steep for what it is but the hoomans had money off vouchers which meant it was only £15.

The box was furry heavy and whee think Mummy got more of a work out carrying it through the house than I will if I zoomy round it all wheek!

It was a flat pack with one page of instructions that I managed to pull into my cage and shred before Mummy noticed it was missing! Luckily for Mummy it was furry basic and each side slotted together easily and came apart and folded down just as quickly.

Although the size is realitively small compared to some it is easily extended either with more pannels or by fixing it open on one side and against a wall.

Here is a pigture of our first time in it:


Mummy began chanting “Run Fat Pig Run!” Unimpressed I lauched a protest:


What ways do you stay fit? Would you use an indoor run? 🙂

Have a great Thursday

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