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(Almost) Wordless Wednesday – Twas The Night Before Pigmas

And all through the house. Not a creature was stiring . . .


Only one more sleep!

Merry Pigmas efurryone!


Merry Christmas Mischief [Poem]

imageAre you sitting comfortably? Then I’ll begin

It’s getting close to Christmas
And all through the hutch
The guinea pigs are squeaking
About veggies and such.

The ribbons which once
Hung over tree, hall and door
Are now torn to pieces
All over the floor.

And the baubles we lovingly
Placed on the tree
Are now somehow scattered
On the floor, running free.

Those stockings laid out
In a neat little row
Now have a hole
For each and every toe.

I’m sure of the culprits
Those eyes have me convinced
That each little piggy
Is some mischievous Grinch!

The paper chains are shredded,
The gift wrap is torn
Yet I cannot help smiling
Ready for Christmas morn.

They’ve taught me something
As they chewed on my glove,
That it’s about family, fun
And most of all, lots of love.

Happy Festive Friday to all!



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