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The Votes Are In!

Thank you so much efurryone for making my Birthday so special yesterday! Now you may remember, to celebrate whee decided to make a special parcel donation to a rescue in honour of the three years I’ve lived. Whee asked for our furfriends to dress up as Pirates and Princesses so whee could have a contest!

Here’s a reminder of the great entries!

Now it was a close thing but whee have a winner!

Sailor Pirate Sage!

Sailor Pirate Sage

Sailor Pirate Sage

Thank you so much efurryone for making my Birthday special. Whee are going to ask the lovely Sage from Savannah’s Paw Tracks to pick a UK rescue for us to send a Birthday bundle to share amongst the animals less fortunate than us.

Happy Monday efurryone



Trusting Tuesday

Hello efurryone! Today whee want to tell you about something Mummy has achieved over the wheekend.

For wheeks there has been a kitty visiting our garden. She is different to the other kitties. For one, she hasn’t got a collar but she is also extremely timid and skitty.

Everytime she visited us she would sit on the shed roof and watch Mummy warily. Slowly Mummy has worked to gain her trust and on Sunday she finally had a break through!

Introducing a new little friend!




Isn’t she sweet?! Whee think she is lovely.

Have you made any new furfriends recently? Whee hope you have a terrific Tuesday

Nacho, Noah, Buddy & Basil

Cavy Bearding?!

Have you heard about it? A new craze on the internet known as pet bearding. Basically you hold your cat/dog/rat/ferret up to your face and get a pigture! A great example whee found on google include this lovely pigture! (this is not our pigture whee just borrowed it off google, if you search catbearding or dogbearding you can see loads more, great way to waste an afternoon!)

There is even an official site whee found where they show many types.

The only logical next step is guinea piggies so guess what Mummy got when she was at a friends house with their piggies . . . .


Poppy the guinea pig and her hooman Mummy

Ta da! The very first guinea pig/ cavy bearding! Please give it a go and tell us about it! Whee wanna see all of your hoomans rocking their great pet looks!

Nibbles, Nutty, Buddy & Basil


Fundraising Animal Auction for Lovely Leo . . . The Mollie Miracle

There is something special which whee are reminded of in times of need. This blogosphere is a family. A family who pull together and create miracles when one of them is in need.

There is a kitty in need right now. If you aren’t familiar with Leo’s story – just visit our previous post where whee mention him or Savannah’s blog and take a look to see how much her foster bro-fur is going through. Leo is a very sick cat and Savannah’s pawrents are footing most of the vet bills while the cat charity he is from is trying to raise funds.

However a furry kind furry is creating one of the aforementioned miracles in doing a big Auction and Raffle thingy to raise money. To see the posts about how you can help see Mollie’s blog here and how to buy raffle tickets here. As this is quite a lot for one person to handle Misaki is also helping out and you can donate and buy raffle tickets there too.


Untitled-12If you can donate something or buy a ticket then please hop over there. All donations need to be told to Mollie or Misaki by Friday 17th. The Auction with take place on Monday 20th and raffle winners will be announced on Wednesday 22nd.

So please, if you can, help do! There is no better cause than family.

Nibbles, Nutty, Buddy & Basil


ps. Whee dedicate this song to Savvy, Leo and their pawrents . . .

A Furfriend In Need

Whee don’t often (see, ever!) ask for favours involving money but whee would very much appreciate if you could visit this page on the blog of our furfriend Savannah, on Savannah Paw Tracks. Her pawrents are foster caring for a cat charity and they have taken on the care of a very unwell kitty called Leo. Leo needs a lots of vet treatment which of course costs money. On the linked page you can see how to help and donate. They would so appreciate it. However much you can give will help.

It’s times like this whee remember how truly fortunate whee are and it also reminds Mummy to add to what she has nicknamed the ‘CC’ fund. (Cavy Curing Fund)

Illness, disease and accidents can strike at any time and all pet owners should have insurance or some money set aside to cover this. Too many times you read of very sick animals being given to shelters because the owner couldn’t not afford, or did not seek veterinary care quickly enough.

Now in comparison to most other pets whee are relatively cheap to treat when ill but if it is something serious (and with us it really is all-or-nothing!) then investigations to find the best course of action can be expensive. Just because whee are small and sometimes cruelly thought of as easily replaceable does not mean we are not entitled to care when sick. People are far to quick to give up. One vet trip, oh I’ll try some antibiotics . . . end of course and nothing has changed and they don’t go back. Why? What makes us less worthy?

This is a rant whee often have. If your animal is sick you get treatment whether they are horse or stick insect. Otherwise it is cruelty and illegal.

Right we went off on a tangent there but it really bugs us. Anywho, please visit Savvy’s blog and help her pawrents help her foster brother.

Also please give us your views on setting money aside and lack of love for small furries when sick.

Nibbles, Nutty, Buddy & Basil


ps. Buddy has been up to mischief today which whee will tell you all about tomorrow!

Mummy’s Day Mark 2

Well whee have seen that it was just Mother’s Day in other countries today so whee thought it might be worth re-posting this little video whee made on UK Mummy’s Day this year. Enjoy it, and whee hope all you Mummy’s had a great day!

Nibbles, Nutty, Buddy & Basil


Happy Easter, Now You Need To Vote!

Well Easter is here and whee have discovered whee just don’t know who to pick as winner of the third contest. So whee a copping out, handing judgement over to our dear readers.

Who do you think should win the title of Hutch An Amazing Easter Animal 2013!











Misaki's easter pic








It’s a tough choice so you can vote for as many as you like! Let the voting begin!

Nibbles, Nutty, Buddy & Basil


Love In The Air

So we are a little slow on posting but that is mainly thanks to a romantic valentine dance whee went to. Here whee are with our fabulous partners . . .

Nibbles, Nutty, Buddy & Basil





What To Get For The Pet Lover Who Has Everything!

What to get for the pet lover who has everything? Well whee have done our research. Or rather Mummy has done lots of research! (Whee don’t think she has hated it to much!)

Idea 1 – Animal Sponsorship

Whee recommend sponsoring from one of our favourite small furry rescues,  Bramley Cavy Rescue.  They have a variety to choose from guinea pigs, rabbits, tortoises, pygmy hedgehog and a hamster.

Sponsor a guide dog puppy. You can get updates on the training of the puppy and personalised letters. It helps both blind people and puppies.

Sponsor an abandoned dog from Dogs Trust. Why not help a charity that saves thousands of dogs every year, and sponsor one of those unfortunate pets? Abandoned, mistreated, beaten or abused and then given a new, wonderful life.

Or walk on the wild side with WWF animal sponsorship. Helping with the conservation of some of the rarest and most beautiful animals in the world.

Idea 2 – Animal themed gifts

RSPCA set of greetings cards – A set of sweet animal cards, for all occassions.

RSPCA Westie Slippers – An adorable set of slippers for dog lovers!

Idea 3 – Animal themed books

RSPCA shop ‘Dog Heroes Book’ – An amazing book of true stories of canine courage.

RSPCA shop ‘Wonder Cats Book’ – A book of heart warming stories about wonderful loyal felines.

Idea 4 – Jewellery and Clothes (for that fashionable magpie of a pet lover!)

Guinea pig necklaces from The Winking Cavy Online Store – Honestly, Mummy nearly cried she wants one so badly!

RSPCA Shop: Keep Calm And Walk The Dog t shirt – The perfect thing to wrap up in on those cold mornings when somefurry really wants to go walkies.

RSPCA shop: Crazy Cat Lady t shirt – Who is woman enough to admit it?!

Everything in Feline Designs Shop! – Whee couldn’t just pick one. All of their t shirts are amazing. Our Mummy has one and so does one of the little hoomans. Small Furries. Dogs. Cats. Horses.

Idea 5 – Everything else!

RSPCA Pocket diary – For those unorganised animal lovers to remind them about all those vet appointments!

PDSA shop – All these things are great.

Idea 6 – For The Pets (don’t forget us!)

Snugglesafe Heatpads – Seriously, don’t let Nibbles go on about how it helps his joints, whee all love cuddling the heatpads! (Mummy wraps ours in a blue blanket so whee don’t make the cute cover dirty!)

Heatpads - perfect for sharing!

Heatpads – perfect for sharing!

Giant Squeaky Candy Cane – The canine safe candy toy!

Gingerbread Cat Scratcher House – A cat scratchy house for those itchy clawed felines!

Christmas Woodland Chew Garland – A garland of wooden chews whee just loved, for all small furries!

Basil loves his Pigmassy garland chew!

Basil loves his Pigmassy garland chew!

Christmas Dinner Nibblers – Wooden chews shaped to be a small furry pets Pigmass dinner!

So if you were struggling to pick those last minute gifts, whee hope this helps. All of these are things whee know Mummy would love for her or us, so whee made her do the research to taunt her with things she has forgotten to put on her list!

The excitment is building! Pigmass is nearly here!

Nibbles, Nutty, Buddy & Basil


Winners Of The Pigmass Pigture Contest!

Well the time has arrived! The big reveal! Here are the winners of our Pigmass Pigture contest. Unfortunately whee did not get enough for a Merry Mischief Maker vote but the little hoomans had good discussion about it and picked a winner. Whee hope you will agree and like our choices!

Tinsel Terrors and Troubles – Causing trouble in tinsel . . .

Nibblet The Rat

Nibblet The Rat

Noel Naughtiness – Does this face look naughty to you?!

Jester the guinea pig

Jester the guinea pig

Present Posers – You posing with some presents!

Charlie and Theo

Charlie and Theo the guinea pigs

Christmas Angel – For boys and girls who are top of the good list this year! Who will be the angel at the top of our tree?


Scampy the doggy

Merry Mischief Maker 2012 – “Whee Are Just Helping . . . !”

Max and Lily

Max and Lily the guinea pigs

Winnners you will find your prizes in the next post. Congratulations!

Nibbles, Nutty, Buddy & Basil


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