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Come Sail Away

Ahoy there Sea Dogs/Cats/Piggies/Capybaras/Bunnies etc, Cap’n Basil here.

Thanks for sailing with us today.

Our first port of call is to tell you to get aboard the Pig Love express and read me ship-mates great answers to pet problems right here, argh!! Be sure to let Bacon know what you think.

Second port whee are docking in is the Marina of Bailey the Boat Cat. As you probably know, his hoomans got a book published about him and whee ordered a copy. It arrived early this morning and whee just can’t wait to sit down and read it. When whee have finished whee will be adding our paws to his map here, you should too! Well shiver me timbers, isn’t all this exciting


Happy Tuesday efurryone!

Cap’n Basil


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