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Make You Think Monday – Caption Contest

A little brain teaser for you all on this fine Monday morning. Can you come up with a caption for this pigture?


Hope you all had a great wheekend! What did you get up to?

Nacho, Noah, Buddy & Basil

Caption Me Cute!

Well caption me cute and call me a silly pig. Mummy just found a pigture of me which she loves. As a wise cavy once said “Every good pigture deserves an equally good caption”. Well actually it wasn’t a wise cavy and it wasn’t once said. It was said by me . . . Just now!

Anywho I’m losing my point. This pigture of me is great. Do I look startled? Surprised? Scared? Hugry? Mischevious? What have I heard/seen/smelt/done to cause such a reaction?! You tell me what you think in a caption posted in the comments and then tomorrow I might share the story behind it. Or get one of the others to help.

Oh and the winning caption-ator (it is a word, don’t argue with me, I’m too fluffy to be wrong!) will get a shoutout and mention in the next post too!

So come on, get those thinking caps on!


Wordless Wednesday Caption Me Creepy . . . Two!

So today whee have another Spooktober Cavy Caption ComPIGtition! Again whee have tried to be wordless but whee piggies are just too squeakative!

If you will remember our good furfriend Sammy won the last one as you can see here and here. His caption really made us all giggle so whee want you to make us laugh too!

This time whee would like you to guess what I am saying or thinking in the pigture below of me have a run in the garden (And yes, it is a Clarks shoebox!)

The winner will have their caption posted in tomorrow’s post. If there is more than one whee like then whee may do a runner up as well. Just comment below what you think the caption should be.

Good luck efurryone!


ps. No I am not trying out one of Guru Nibbles’s stretches!

The Winning One Liner & The Fabulous Designer!

As you know whee mentioned our caption competition yesterday. The second section of Spook-tober. Do you want to know who won?! Of course you do. Here is the winning caption for the pigture whee gave you (pigture on left!):

Buddy: Hope this box is sturdy enough to hold me….if not, I’ll have made the world’s first BASIL PANCAKE!

Does that sound FURmiliar to anyfurry. Well if you are our dear friend Sammy, from One Spoiled Cat it should! ConCATulations! Please take the award from the previous post and do whatever you would like with it!

Moving on from Spooky to Spectacular you may have heard Lovely Lady Litchi is throwing a PAWty! Shockingly whee read that she had nothing to wear. (Well she is an Empress now so she is very busy!) Fortunately for her whee are fashion designers!

Dolce and Banana (you may of heard of our less famous hooman counterparts!)

Whee have designed and emailed her hooman a few designs so she will be looking fabulous and undoubtably be the toast of the ball!

Have you realised you have got nothing to wear? If you have then never fear. Whee are offering a one-off, chance of a lifetime, for you to be decked out in our Dolce and Banana finest!

If you would like to be made over, simply email us and attach a jpeg pigture of yourself for us to work from.

Whee look forward to seeing you at the PAWty efurryone!

Nibbles, Nutty, Buddy & Basil

Wordless Wednesday – Cavy Caption Contest!

Well, whee are trying to be wordless but whee piggies just love chattering.

This is our next competition, ‘The Cavy Caption Contest!’

As you can see Basil has annoyed Buddy so much he has found a new hiding place.

What caption would you give this pigture below? The winner will be announced in our next post and get the logo whee made! Enjoy!

Nibbles, Nutty, Buddy & Basil

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