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(Not Really) Wordless Wednesday – Time Flies

Time does fly when you don’t have a camera to capture all the funny things whee piggies get up to. Already Mummy has missed capturing Basil destroying some carpet(He denies it of course), Noah getting his head stuck in a cardboard tube (Also denies this took place), Buddy refusing to get back in the cage and running around like a wild thing before bed (Buddy admits a Diva strop but no more than that!) and . . . me? Well using a friend’s camera she did capture one pigture of my gorgeous self snuggling my little hooman.


Hopefully the new camera is going to be chosen soon and whee will have lots of exciting pigtures to show you again! Happy Wednesday efurryone



ps. If you haven’t already seen it, whee have made a little video trailer for our Twitter using a nifty little app. Please check it out here and if you make one for yours let us know so whee can see it!

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