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Things I Love Thursday


Hello efurryone! Today whee are thinking about Valentine’s day coming soon. Valentines is the day to remember the special people inĀ  your life. Or maybe the special pets. It is a proven fact that having a pet lowers depression chances and improves your health. Mummy thinks that this is because even if you are really down you keep going for your pets. They are a reason to get up and go out.

So this Valentines when you give something to your loved one, remember the special pet or pets in your life. If you don’t have any then think about us! (What?! Whee are furry loveable, there’s plenty to go round!) Also take a moment to think about animals in rescues looking for someone to love.

What ways do you show your pet or your hooman that you love them?

Happy Thursday efurryone, share the love!! *hugs*


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