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Seal The Deal

Mummy said of all the things she saw and did on holiday, one thing stood out. A trip to the beach for the day. But this wasn’t just any day out at the seaside . . . On the stretch of coast next to the village of Horsey is a place known as Horsey Dunes. This is a major wildlife site perhaps best known because of the huge numbers of grey seals on Horsey Beach.

Yes, Mummy visited a beach and was stunned to see some wild seals, up close and personal!!


The stunning beach


The rest of the seals relaxed on the beach

The above pigture was a close as Mummy got but using the great zoom on her camera she could capture some closer portraits of these sweet creatures.

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One little one made Mummy laugh as it posed in the water, only to be hit in the back by a huge wave!


Little moments like this inspire our Mummy so much. Mother Nature and animals are things whee can all love, appreciate and protect. She says she could have sat there all day and all night. If you want to find out more about the seals of Horsey you can take a look at the page Friends of Horsey Seals, which contains some brilliant facts. Did you know that around half of the world’s grey seal population is found in Britain?!

Do you have fascinating local wildlife? What’s you favourite piece of Mother Nature?

Have a great day efurryone

Nacho, Noah, Buddy & Basil


Thankful Thursday – Cameras and Crazies

IMG_0742Well it’s Thursday again and that day when whee all have to be thankful for something. Today whee are thankful for something a little odd. It’s something Mummy has nicknamed ‘the crazies’.

Whee all seem to get it at about the time the hoomans go to have their dinner, just after whee have gone back to our cages from cuddles and floor time. It’s starts with a little squeak and a popcorn (a bouncing thing piggies do). Then a dash round the veggie bowl. Then whee get the complete ‘crazies’ and play chase and squeak and dash about popcorning and flicking hay and bedding efurrywhere.

This whole spectacle lasts under two or three minutes but always makes the hoomans laugh. Mummy says it’s nice to see how happy and healthy whee are to do that.

What are you thankful for? Is it something new your hoomans got you or something you have learned to do?

The next thing whee want to mention is cameras. After many years of faithful service it seems that Mummy’s camera is giving up the ghost. She is more than a little upset because she has been told it can’t be mended, it’s just worn out. So she is currently in the market for a new camera! Does anyfurry have some good recommendations? She hasn’t really got an idea of a budget yet but knows she loves Canon cameras the most. Do your hoomans love their cameras?

Hope efurryone has a lovely Thursday



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