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Tasty Treat Tuesday (Burgess Excel Square Snack Review)

Firstly whee were not sent these or given anything for this review. Mummy just picked up some treats she thought whee might like and they went down so well she said whee can post about them!

The Treat – Burgess Excel Carrot and Banana Square Snacks

The Treats . .

The Treats . .

The Packaging – A brown and yellow box with clear front panel to show the treats. Looks interesting and caught the hoomans eye.

The Boring Hoomans Bit – Made up of hay, carrots, beetroot and banana. Nothing to worry about unlike many treats which are marketed at guinea pigs.

The boring cavy slave reading bit

The boring cavy slave reading bit

How Much? РThese cost Mummy £2.50 in a local pet shop though whee suspect prices vary in different places.

The Look – A small unsurprisingly square snack. Not sure if it had anything to do with the little hooman dropping the packet on the way home but quite crumbly and very few whole pieces. Looks like hay and dried herbs compressed together.

The Smell – No real smell. A vague smell of hay but nothing to overpowering or awful.

The Taste Test – After a suspicious sniff whee all tried one. Whee all really enjoyed them and wanted more!

Final Verdict – These are great little treats for us piggies. However, they are quite delicate. When whee munched them they broke into little pieces and when whee came to the bars to beg for more, Mummy noticed a small pile of bits and crumbs from it. So they were pretty messy.

Whee give this 4/5. If the treats held together better and were less messy whee would say these were perfect!

What’s your favourite treat?

Happy Tuesday

Nutty, Nacho, Buddy & Basil


Nacho’s Nose And A Shopping Mission

Yesterday whee showed you a pigture of a little nose under a tent. The naughty little mischief maker who pawtied all night! Yes it was Nacho Nose! A lot of you guessed right and you get to take this badge of honour!


Now whee tried something a bit different for the next one. Somefurry on twitter asked what our Mummy gets when she shops for us. Bearing in mind what a deadly mission it is, whee armed the hooman with a camera and sent her off! This is our first, sort-of-half-attempt at a vlog which Mummy has wanted to try to do for awhile. Please let us know what you think ^_^

What does your hooman get you when they go shopping? Have you ever been shopping with your hoomans? Was it fun?

Have a great Sunday efurryone!

Nutty, Nacho, Buddy & Basil

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