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Wonderful Wildlife!

Whee are quite lucky where whee are there is so much wildlife around. Mummy loves taking pigtures of the wildlife (when she’s not taking pigtures of us of course!). Our most recent garden friends are the three fledgling robins who have left the nest in the tree in our garden. It is so funny to watch them grow and learn from each other. Quite like whee learn tricks, both good and naughty from each other!

Do you have much wildlife from you? Are you enjoying seeing the joys of Spring and all the baby animals learning from their pawrents?

Hope you’re having a great wheekend!

Nacho, Noah, Buddy and Basil


Do Squirrels Squeak And Other Questions From The Garden!

As you may or may not know whee have a whole host of visiting wildlife to our garden. With the arrival of Winter a certain few furry friends have been visiting more and more frequently and destroying out birdfeeders. With each visit Mummy has been capturing more and more shots of them playing and exploring.

Yes, whee are talking about our three resident squirrels!

Something funny whee have noticed is they make funny little chattering noises like clicking their tongues and saying “cha” a lot! Whee tried squeaking at them and they seemed to listen but whee don’t know if they can squeak back.

Now whee have a few questions for you furfriends. Firstly, can squirrels squeak? Whee really want to know!

Secondly, how can whee convince the squirrels to stop trying to smash the bird feeders?

And finally whee need three names for them. Do you have any ideas? One is a little chubby and always eating. Another has a raggedy ear and the other one is just very average and squirrel like! ^_^

Have a great day efurryone!

Nacho, Noah, Buddy & Basil


Tweet Tweet Tuesday

Well whee said Mummy hadn’t managed to get any pigtures of Robby Robin but this morning she managed it and whee just had to share them with you! Whee know he’s not the same level of adorable as us but he’s furry cute in his own way.

He likes to sit at the top of the tallest tree in our garden and sing first thing in the morning and last thing at night. He’s got a furry good singing voice! Whee have tried to copy him but Mummy laughs at our efforts! The local birds make such a strange range of noises from clicks, to tweets, to caws, to whistles! Sometimes when whee are playing in the garden and Robby Robin starts sings whee squeak to him and he sometimes responds! Mummy will try to film this so you can see for yourselves.

Robins are Mummy’s favourite bird because they remind her of Autumn and Winter which are her favourite seasons. What’s your favourite bird?

Have a great Tuesday whatever you are up to and whee will squeak to you soon!

Nacho, Noah, Buddy & Basil


Sunday Selfie – Buddy’s Best Side

Buddy loves capturing his best side in selfies!


Cat4Whee are furry pleased to be taking part in this wheeks Sunday Selfie blog hop hosted by the fabulous Cat on My Head!



Let’s Meet The Locals!!

As promised whee have some pigtures of the locals! Robby the Robin and Moonie the horse were unfortunately a little bit difficult to photograph but whee are sure you will agree the others are lovely!

What do you like about the local wildlife near where you are? Have you made furfriends with any of them?

Happy Saturday efurryone

Nacho, Noah, Buddy & Basil


Can’t Wait For The Wheekend!


Whee cannot wait for the weekend. Mummy is going to be sharing some pigtures with you of our new furfriends at our new house! Can you guess who Jay, Robby, Benji, Mister Ed and Moonie might be? (Hint, they’re all different animals) Plus lots of as yet unnamed furfriends!!

Do you have lots of local furfriends in the wildlife? Happy Friday!!


Seal The Deal

Mummy said of all the things she saw and did on holiday, one thing stood out. A trip to the beach for the day. But this wasn’t just any day out at the seaside . . . On the stretch of coast next to the village of Horsey is a place known as Horsey Dunes. This is a major wildlife site perhaps best known because of the huge numbers of grey seals on Horsey Beach.

Yes, Mummy visited a beach and was stunned to see some wild seals, up close and personal!!


The stunning beach


The rest of the seals relaxed on the beach

The above pigture was a close as Mummy got but using the great zoom on her camera she could capture some closer portraits of these sweet creatures.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

One little one made Mummy laugh as it posed in the water, only to be hit in the back by a huge wave!


Little moments like this inspire our Mummy so much. Mother Nature and animals are things whee can all love, appreciate and protect. She says she could have sat there all day and all night. If you want to find out more about the seals of Horsey you can take a look at the page Friends of Horsey Seals, which contains some brilliant facts. Did you know that around half of the world’s grey seal population is found in Britain?!

Do you have fascinating local wildlife? What’s you favourite piece of Mother Nature?

Have a great day efurryone

Nacho, Noah, Buddy & Basil


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