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Look At Me, Look At This!

You may have been wondering yesterday what had Noah’s attention. Some of you thought he was staging a jail break but I can tell you that he was in fact . . .

Watching me (and Basil)! Even though whee started grumbling and rumbling pretty soon after whee spotted each other Mummy still managed to find time to snap some cute pigtures of us.

It’s not often that she will get all of us in one pigture as whee are not four close furfriends but rather two brotherly like pairings. It is actually very difficult to bond more than two boars (male piggies) together and Mummy says that Basil and Noah both have furry strong pigsonalities so would probably not get along well.

Anyway, whee got pretty worked up seeing each other so Mummy hooman let us try something she has been using recently to calm herself and it worked like magic. So magical in fact whee want to share it with you, whee will see if Mummy can video us so you can see our reaction. The magical meditation tool which helped even some over excited piggies find zen is this site – When whee listen and look at it on Mummy’s laptop whee become almost trance like and Mummy likes to stroke us and give us a little brush or massage which just improves the time! Sometimes whee don’t like the song/background/theme so Mummy refreshes it and whee get a new one just like that.

Whee highly recommend it if you need to de-stress! What do you normally like to do to help you relax?

Anyway whee hope you have a furry relaxing Thursday



Thankful Thursday – Two By Two

Just like Noah’s Ark had the animals go in two by two, this Noah also knows that piggies are happier in pairs!

As promised here is the video of our furry first meet up.

You will notice it is in a place whee don’t often show, our hallway. Where neither of us had ever been before, what is known as neutral territory. Whee have two shoe boxes, both with two holes cut in different sides to allow for escape. Then the shoe box lids are filled with hay and herbs which provide a perfect piggy buffet! Although whee must confess to playing with out food and throwing it around! Whee also had a loofah chew each, a bowl of vegetables, a small bowl of food and our hoomans close at hand to watch over us. There is an excellent page on the guinea pig forum which taught the hooman efurrything she knows about recognizing signs of dominance and how to bond piggies, however the site is currently down so whee cannot link you to it this time!

Whee hope you are as happy as whee are with the outcome of our ‘date’. Whee are so thankful to have one another this Thursday.


What are you thankful for?

Have a great day efurryone

Nacho & Noah


ps. This is the last day to enter our Don’t Parsley Me By Pigture Contest

pps. What do you think of the latest header drawn by one of our little hoomans?

Getting To Know You – A First Date Story

Well, if you follow us on twitter you will have seen the very exciting tweet whee gave earlier today. Nutty has a new little furfriend. The lucky fella is eight wheek old Nacho so please give him a big blogosphere welcome!


Whee were very nervous during their first meet up as they had to work out who was boss and Nacho is no push over. This little guy has a BIG personality. Now whee couldn’t keep this first date all to ourselves so Mummy filmed it for us to share with you and whee made a little video for you to enjoy!


Making himself at home!

Nutty is already a lot happier and eating and drinking for himself! As his weight is still down, Mummy is going to keep feeding him till he gets his strength up but the improvement is incredible. If anyone is in any doubt over whether or not their single piggy needs a friend they need to see this. Nutty is a new piggy! Nacho will never replace Nibbles but he has a big personality and is worming his way into efurryones hearts.

Hope you are all having a great wheekend, whee certainly are.

Nutty, Nacho, Buddy & Basil


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