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Guinea Pig New Year Resolutions

So whee all know hoomans are weird and they have odd rituals and things they do. Mummy was telling us about a thing called a resolution. Apparently, it’s a promise you make at the start of the year to do through the year. She¬†wrote a bloggy resolution to focus on helping people more and answering more questions.

Now whee don’t normally do this but she has suggested whee come up with good behaviour resolutions ourselves. So here goes:

IMG_1384I, Basil, do solemnly swear that this year I . . .

Will stop making the hoomans play poop hide and seek. (I now accept that they don’t find it funny seeking the poops I throw in their slippers)

IMG_0705I, Buddy, do solemnly swear that this year I . . .

Will stop trying to sabotage my own weight loss by eating Basil’s share of vegetables too (even though it’s not my fault he eats so slowly and I’m a very hungry guinea pig!)


Me demonstrating my relaxed pose for when the fireworks don't bother me!I, Nacho, do solemnly swear that this year I . . .

Will try to be more fearless during floortime. (But I know the bookcase is out to get me though, so I’ll only be fearless everywhere else!)

IMG_0381I, Noah, do solemnly swear that this year I . . .

Will try not to be such a naughty nibbler and stop biting bars, people, clothing, plastic, metal, sofas, cushions, plates. But I’m not giving up biting toes. That’s way too much fun!

Do you have any New Year’s Resolutions? Do your pets?

Would you set a resolution for your hooman? If so what would you suggest?

Nacho, Noah, Buddy & Basil


Yule Get Used To It!

Mummy kept saying it but I wasn’t so sure. “Yule get used to the tree.” she insisted. I didn’t believe her but here I am, accepting the fact; Mister Tinsel Twist isn’t going anywhere.

Mummy and me have agreed that he will be leaving soon after Pigmas. No furry likes a guest that over stays their welcome! Buddy has been trying to pull that tree down whenever he gets the chance but the rest of us have made peace with him. Mummy says Pigmas is about coming together and forgiving and forgetting. So I am forgiving the tree for being here and forgetting the fact that Mummy didn’t ask permission! (As the boss pig of the house I am furry impawtent and all decisions should go through me)

*sigh* I'm so forgiving

*sigh* I’m so forgiving

What are you forgiving and forgetting for Pigmas? Another furry impawtent thing at Pigmas is giving. Whee sent off our Secret Santa Paws presents to our assigned rescue piggies and saw on facebook pigtures of them enjoying the gifts. Our two piggies have had a furry unfortunate time before they came into the rescue and one has long term health issues. It made our tummies all warm and fuzzy to know whee helped them and whee all smiled a lot. Giving is the best feeling.

Have a super Sunday efurryone



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