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Buddy’s New Baby . . .

No. Don’t worry. I haven’t become a young father. You all know that recently I lost my special brother and friend, Bingo. Without him I was really lonely. I didn’t feel like eating or drinking much and kept taking veggies to “Bingo’s Corner” of the cage where I used to feed him when he was unwell. I squeaked and squeaked when the hoomans went out earlier and made so much noise in the night Mummy had to sit up and talk to me

Mummy could see I was really suffering on my own so she has worked hard to help me find a friend.

So furfriends and hoomans, I would like to introduce Basil, a six wheek old piggy who I already very much like.

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Mummy has called him Baz in an exasperated voice a couple of times when he does silly things. He tried climbing the bars and popcorning on a shoebox, both ideas were doomed to faliure but he seems to enjoy it. Mummy’s Mum keeps calling him ‘dangermouse’! I wonder why?! His big mouse-like ears maybe? Or his habit for finding danger?! 😉

Whee hope you all like Basil as much as I do and look forward to him getting brave enough to write his own post in a few days!


PS. Our Hamster Diaries prize arrived but whee want to give it a special post of its own tomorrow!

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