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Seal The Deal

Mummy said of all the things she saw and did on holiday, one thing stood out. A trip to the beach for the day. But this wasn’t just any day out at the seaside . . . On the stretch of coast next to the village of Horsey is a place known as Horsey Dunes. This is a major wildlife site perhaps best known because of the huge numbers of grey seals on Horsey Beach.

Yes, Mummy visited a beach and was stunned to see some wild seals, up close and personal!!


The stunning beach


The rest of the seals relaxed on the beach

The above pigture was a close as Mummy got but using the great zoom on her camera she could capture some closer portraits of these sweet creatures.

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One little one made Mummy laugh as it posed in the water, only to be hit in the back by a huge wave!


Little moments like this inspire our Mummy so much. Mother Nature and animals are things whee can all love, appreciate and protect. She says she could have sat there all day and all night. If you want to find out more about the seals of Horsey you can take a look at the page Friends of Horsey Seals, which contains some brilliant facts. Did you know that around half of the world’s grey seal population is found in Britain?!

Do you have fascinating local wildlife? What’s you favourite piece of Mother Nature?

Have a great day efurryone

Nacho, Noah, Buddy & Basil


Easy To See!

Well Miss Mollie has been found. Though in a shocking turn of events it would seem that she was never actually missing. She had run off to elope in Las Vegas with our good friend Easy Rider. The whole thing was shocking but you can read how the tale ends here.

Our dear friend Lady Litchi appears to have come off quite badly in this. Discovering her on off boyfriend had eloped would be a shock to anyone but now he is getting a divorce and grovelling for forgiveness. (though as yet whee don’t think he has been nearly grovelly enough!) On an upside, Doggy (who has been proven innocent to kidnap, though not much else!) invaded France and gave it to her!

In fact it is Easy who has come off worst with his credit card stolen by Elvis (you need to read the post to understand) and the divorce. And now the CIA (Cavy Investigation Agency) are going to be suing him for wasting piggy time. Whee believe the current total is 1001 lobsters!

With all this excitment I felt the need to relax and unwind a little on the way home from the exhausting search/adventure, so whee stopped off at the beach. Here are my holiday snaps:

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What are your feelings on this scandal? And how do you like the beach and my rather impressive beach ready body?!


A First For FURnando!

As you may remember, awhile ago whee got a new addition to the family. A vivid pet guinea pig statue. Well much to everyone’s surprise, the magical power of his name being bestowed upon him, by Sammy the Cat, revealed he lives. Now, Mummy was rather surprised by this but has agreed to let Furnando post on here sometimes to answer a suggestion whee recieved. What is it like in England? Well Furnando got to go on a special trip today and he brought back some photos and a story to share . . .

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Hello! Furnando here. As the others so kindly introduced me already I am going to jump right in and tell you about today! I was woken earlier than usual with everyone bustling around packing towels and buckets and spades. I did wonder what might be happening until Mummy explained that they were having a family day out at the beach and I was invited.

I said yes and was bundled into the car with everyone. There was a lot of loud singing (that wasn’t even in tune) and games of I Spy. The I Spy game got a bit boring when everyone said their word began with ‘c’ and everyone knew it was car. It felt like hours and hours to get to the beach and it got hotter and hotter. When whee finally got there whee all sat at the top of some cliffs looking out to sea and enjoying a pignic. Mummy said I could have a sandwhich but I didn’t want to eat a sandy witch so I nibbled on some cliff top grass instead.

On the beach everyone sunburned. I am supposed to say sunbathed but with all the complaining which followed they just got burnt. Nothing else. They even put on some sun cream first to stop it from happening but it just made their hands so slippery they kept nearly dropping me. They built me a huge sandcatle to live in and it took the little hoomans nearly all day to do it! Unfortunately Mummy was balancing me on a turret for a photo when the entire creation collapsed and I very nearly needed to be dug out!

After my near death experience and checking myself for life threatening injuries I joined everyone getting icecreams. Apparently they don’t do grass or carrot flavoured ones. I was very disappointed.

With ices creams and sandcastles and paddling (which I wasn’t brave enough to do seeing as the water would be up to my chin in one step!) and bad singing, I think I experienced everything neccessary for a British day at the beach.

Have any of you ever been to the beach? What do you like to do theere?


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