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The Bath Before Pigmas

So the hooman bathed us before Pigmas so whee would smell nice but she wasn’t very well so didn’t get a chance to upload it. Anyway, here it is, our water torture!!

The shampoo used is a special edition Pigmas one called Christmas Spice from Gorgeous Guineas which the hooman claims is part of a gift to us this Pigmas but whee are not sure. She says it’s actually a gift to the whole family really as no one needs to put up with our stinky smell anymore! The cheek of it.

Though the shampoo is really good Mummy didn’t like the smell at all so she is going to be picking a different one to test next time and see if she can find one that smells nice and works well.

Hope efurryone had a great Pigmas

Nacho, Noah, Buddy & Basil


Water Torture Woes

Mummy was the Queen of Mean today when she put us out to play in the garden like normal. When getting us in she first took me, and I discovered what she was up to. But there was no chance to warn the others as I was put straight into my cage afterwards. They were then subjected, despite valiant protests, to the same water torture. Yes, I am talking about none other than the piggy bath! Below are my bath pigtures (yes they capture evidence of it, truly shocking). You may notice I am looking a little skinny, I have seen the vet and they can find nothing wrong with me, I am just very sad and lonely since whee lost Nibbles so the hoomans are searching for a new friend for me and making sure I eat.

Next whee have Basil who really looked hurt through the bathing but protested a lot at the drying!

And finally Buddy who started out rather enjoying it but got quite cross when the hoomans took longer to dry him because of his extra fluffiness and . . . voluptuous figure!

To add insult to injury they then decided it would be a good idea to trim our claws. My reaction to my back claws being done was to curl my body so I could look at them and occasionally lick one in horror. How often do you put up with such tortures? When is your next one planned or don’t you know? Is it a sneak attack?

Have a great Thursday



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