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Water Torture Woes

Mummy was the Queen of Mean today when she put us out to play in the garden like normal. When getting us in she first took me, and I discovered what she was up to. But there was no chance to warn the others as I was put straight into my cage afterwards. They were then subjected, despite valiant protests, to the same water torture. Yes, I am talking about none other than the piggy bath! Below are my bath pigtures (yes they capture evidence of it, truly shocking). You may notice I am looking a little skinny, I have seen the vet and they can find nothing wrong with me, I am just very sad and lonely since whee lost Nibbles so the hoomans are searching for a new friend for me and making sure I eat.

Next whee have Basil who really looked hurt through the bathing but protested a lot at the drying!

And finally Buddy who started out rather enjoying it but got quite cross when the hoomans took longer to dry him because of his extra fluffiness and . . . voluptuous figure!

To add insult to injury they then decided it would be a good idea to trim our claws. My reaction to my back claws being done was to curl my body so I could look at them and occasionally lick one in horror. How often do you put up with such tortures? When is your next one planned or don’t you know? Is it a sneak attack?

Have a great Thursday



Caution! Slippery When Wet!

She finally did it. Honestly whee are still so shell shocked whee cannot bring ourselves to discuss it in detail. How can somefurry who claims to love us commit such atrocity?!

Yes. She BATHED us!

As you all shared your wet pet pigtures in our competition it is only fair whee do the same. You will note that there aren’t any of Bingo. He put up to much of a fuss and struggled through it so much it was all hands on deck. Would you believe that they only gave him a half-bath to protect his ear?! The lucky sod.

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Whee are currently recovering in our cleaned cages and giving Mummy the evil eye. She can expect the silent squeak-ment to last till veggie time tomorrow at least!

Whee are to distressed to answer any problems today but whee will continue working through them!

Nibbles, Nutty, Bingo & Buddy

And The Results Are In!

Well the time is here. Time to tell you the winner of our Wet Pet Competition. Whee have managed to pick our favourite, though it took a long time and lots of munchies. Whee think you will agree that Miss Cupcake has perfected the “How-could-you-hooman-slave?!” look and bagged herself first place!

Blaze the piggy (RIP) bags his hoomans second place with an adorable look of disgust as he asks “Why?!”

Third place is taken by our feathered friend, Angel, who claims to enjoy baths . . . Strange, very strange.

Whee did have some amazing entries (a short list of which whee will release tomorrow)

Whee hope you enjoyed seeing wet pets and understand whee were just highlighting a form of torture used upon innocent furries. It wasn’t to make us giggle. Nah. Nope. Never . . . Well maybe a little!

Nibbles, Nutty, Bingo & Buddy

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