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You Are My Cuppy Cake!

Well well well. What has whee gots here?! An award! Yup you heard us! Whee are loved by the sweetest Cat from Hell you are ever going to meet. Whee are talking about none other than Nellie from the CatFromHell Blog!

She gave us this awesome Cupcakes award and whee gotta say whee love it! Our Mummy loves baking cupcakes. Sometimes she is really mean and puts yummy things that belong to us in them. Like carrots and bananas. But that is a whole other story.

This post is to say a big piggy popcorning thank you to Nice Nellie and follow the rules by passing it onto five blogs whee love! Here goes:

Cupcake Petrillo – Well with a name like hers how could she not get this award?!
Zena of ThePrincessTails – Because every princess needs a good pudding to help her rule well. You cannot oversee important things on an empty stomach!
Texas, a cat in New York – Because you are just so darn sweet, like cupcakes!
Basil from Harringtons Pet Food – Because you are sweet and adorable and partly inspired our Basil’s name!
Dianda from Cats n Co – Because you made us like kitties and see how super sweet they are!

Now to finish off whee are going to leave you with an awesome, sweet little song because you are all our Cuppy Cakes!

Nibbles, Nutty, Buddy & Basil

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