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Monday Mischief – What A Naughty Boy

What a naughty boy. That’s all Mummy seems to say to be right now.


When I start chewing the cardboard packing boxes . . . No Basil! What a naughty boy!

When I pee on the carpet . . . What a naughty boy!

When I throw the food I don’t like out of the cage . . . What a naughty boy!

When I hit the little screen machines out of the little hoomans hands to get their attention . . . What a naughty boy!

When I walk all over the newspaper the hoomans are trying to read and snuggle down to sleep . . . What a naughty boy!

When I rip pieces off the run and break things . . . What a naughty boy!

Honestly, Mummy is super fussy right now, I’m not sure what’s up with her! How can I wheedle my way back into her affections and stop her being cross at me?

While whee are on the subject of naughtiness and guinea pigs whee have the sad news that THE original naughty piggy Alfalfa himself passed away recently and whee would very much appreciate if you could go and leave your condolences for his hooman who misses him very much – here.

Have a mischevious┬áMonday efurryone, in Alfalfa’s honor!



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