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You Ain’t Never Seen A Guinea Pig Fly!

Quote from Disney’s Dumbo:

Crow #1: Did you ever see an elephant fly?
Crow #2: Well, I’ve seen a horse fly.
Crow #3: Ah, I’ve seen a dragon fly.
Crow #4: Hee-hee. I’ve seen a house fly.

One day, when my ears are big enough or I grow wings, I will fly!

Well Mummy was watching a film with the little hoomans today and they let me sit on their laps and watch it with them. It was called Dumbo. I thought it was amazing. Even though Dumbo was different he was special. I want to be special. I want to fly like Dumbo !

At the end of the film I tried to take a running jump down Mummy’s front and off of the sofa but she caught me. How can I test if I can fly if Mummy won’t let me jump?!

In the garden I spent a long time looking at the sky and wishing I could fly like the birds. Buddy says I’m being silly and guinea pigs can’t fly. But one day, maybe, I will find a way to fly.

For now I will practise by climbing on the pigloo and shoe box and jumping off. I think I’m getting better at it. I may even have hovered for a few minut sections of a second on my last leap!

Who says pigs can’t fly? I will!

What is your dream?


Made-Me-Laugh Monday!

So, a little while ago whee did a post about funny pigtures whee found while surfing the web. Well whee have done it again! This time whee have more piggy pigtures that whee thought were furry funny. Whee don’t own any of these pigtures whee just thought they were funny. If you google funny guinea pig pictures there are more where these came from!

Anyway, here are the pigtures which made me laugh on a cold and wet Monday. Enjoy!

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ps. The one which looks kind of like Nutty and mentions a veggie burger has purple eyes just like my Baby Basil’s! (Mummy still hasn’t got a good pigture of his pretty eyes!)

Unbelievable . . .

I had been warned of things I might face in my new home. I had been warned of strange smells, and people. I had been warned of new cage layouts and veggies.

But then Mummy changed the rules and went “off road”, so to speak. She loaded me in my carrier, against my very vocal protests and took me to the ‘car’. I hated it. The loud rumbling, bouncy machine that took me away from my Buddy.

I hunched in the dark corner, feeling confused. Did they not like me? Was I being sent away?

The whee arrived . . . somewhere and sat quietly for a time. Sunlight flooded in as, finally, my carrier was opened. A lady dressed in blue scooped me out. She had a funny necklace round her throat. Mummy tells me not to munch on her jewellery but I could not resist this piece. “Leave my stethoscope alone!” the woman scolded gently. She cuddled me for a moment, lulling me into a false sense of security. Then, without warning, the torture began.

Flipping me around she looked at my bottom with interest. “Definitely a boy.” she laughed cheerily.

I chattered my teeth and gave an outraged squeak of reply. I could have told them that. After what felt like hours of being poked and prodded Mummy put me back in the carrier and brought me home. I asked her how she could do that to me. She replied some rubish about getting me registered with the vet and checked up. I grumbled to Buddy who told me about the other horrors a V.E.T can inflict upon us.

Tell me its not true. Any vet horror stories?!


Piggy Parenthood. Not A Job . . . An Adventure!

Our new addition, Baby Basil, has surprised me. As with when Nutty arrived to be my new companion, I find myself bouncing around the cage more. Squeaking a little louder. Being more friendly. (Not like Buddy who is struggling to get more than a few minutes sleep at once and is too exhausted to play all the time. Though he did some very impressive zoomies today!)

It is as though he has rubbed off on me! I am quite an elderly gentlepig now so to behave this way is quite peculiar. I haven’t even really met him. Whee just squeak at each other across the garden or the living room.

Nutty appears quite jealous really! Mummy always used to call him Baby Nut but now his middle is no longer ‘widdle’ he cannot really be consider a baby. He is far more like a stroppy teenager, rumbling around the cage and complaining loudly should someone ignore him for longer than three seconds.

Mummy is careful to give us equal attention (well I would expect no less!) but this isn’t enough for Nutty. I am seriously considering the advice giving to Buddy on handling Basil and sitting on Nutty until he calms down and listens.

I may not be a spring chicken but with my newfound bouncy-popcorning, there is life in this old piggy yet!


Anyone Who Says They Sleep Like A Baby Obviously Doesn’t Have One!

So sweet and innocent looking!

He is keeping me awake at all hours. So innocent looking, yet so noisy! He has kept me awake every night since he arrived.

Jumping on the pigloo or the shoebox and bouncing around at all hours. Leaping off of things loudly. Tugging on and attacking the water bottle . . . You guessed it.


Despite being completely exhausted I am still getting on with my normal daily activities.

Tearing newspaper, chewing things I shouldn’t and eating loads of veggies!

I need parents to give me tips on handling and settling down naughty Basil. Oh yes, Basil is Behaving Badly! I cannot give him time out. He just follows me everywhere!

If I chatter my teeth, he just looks in my mouth and tries to see if I’m eating something!

He is driving me crazy!

Please help me! How do I get a him to sleep at normal times? How do I tell him off and get him to understand?!


Hellooooooo Efurryone *waves paw*

Hello everyone! This is my very first post! I was a little nervous about making it, what with the shock of travelling to a new home and finding a new friend. It’s a bit much for a little bloke to handle. I also ate too much grass on my first day so I was allowed veggies for awhile and even now it is only small pieces of cucumber. Practically starving me! The fiends! Well I suppose I am growing to love them really.

I’m sure Buddy is already frustrated with my, what Mummy refers to as, ‘boundless energy’. I have been jumping on boxes Buddy has been sleeping in and I can now see how that would be rather annoying. Mummy says he looks like a new parent needing matchsticks to prop open his eyes! I’m not all bad though and whee do cuddle up together to sleep some of the time.

Anyway, I just wanted to say hello to efurryone and share some pigtures of me having some veggies and getting up to mischief!

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I am sure whee will all become great furfriends and as I grow in confidence you can expect to see much more of me!


Buddy’s New Baby . . .

No. Don’t worry. I haven’t become a young father. You all know that recently I lost my special brother and friend, Bingo. Without him I was really lonely. I didn’t feel like eating or drinking much and kept taking veggies to “Bingo’s Corner” of the cage where I used to feed him when he was unwell. I squeaked and squeaked when the hoomans went out earlier and made so much noise in the night Mummy had to sit up and talk to me

Mummy could see I was really suffering on my own so she has worked hard to help me find a friend.

So furfriends and hoomans, I would like to introduce Basil, a six wheek old piggy who I already very much like.

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Mummy has called him Baz in an exasperated voice a couple of times when he does silly things. He tried climbing the bars and popcorning on a shoebox, both ideas were doomed to faliure but he seems to enjoy it. Mummy’s Mum keeps calling him ‘dangermouse’! I wonder why?! His big mouse-like ears maybe? Or his habit for finding danger?! 😉

Whee hope you all like Basil as much as I do and look forward to him getting brave enough to write his own post in a few days!


PS. Our Hamster Diaries prize arrived but whee want to give it a special post of its own tomorrow!

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