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Throwback Thursday – Baby Pigtures!

Today whee are joining Throwback Thursday and sharing a huge range of our baby pigtures!

Do you remember your first day in your furever castle or have a cute baby pigture?

Have a PAWesome day



Me, Me, Me Monday!

What’s that Mummy? You want me to tell efurryone about the Hallo-Wheek pigture shoot? Alright


Well it was lots of fun. I ate lots of the props! Mummy said I was very naughty cheeky but with a face like this, it’s not much of a surprise that she forgave me quickly! Here is your first peek at the hat Mummy made for all of us me!

IMG_6560Oh, and the other piggies had fun too, but this post is all about me, me me!!! I was furry lucky because I have a secret admirer! My admirer has drawn a pigture of me and I am so proud of it! The little girl who drew it for me hasn’t been furry well and won’t be getting piggies until she is better, in the mean time, she likes us and most of all, ME!


What a marvelous Monday I’m having. What are you all doing this Monday?



Flashback Friday – Where It All Began . . .

Where did the hoomans love of piggies come from? Well it all started with two adorable tri-colour cuties. Nibbles and Nugget. Mummy found these pigtures on a clear up of the family laptop. They bring back such wonderful memories.

The one of Nugget on his own was taken the very first time he was tame enough to not run and hide when the hooman opened the cage. Mummy was so happy and had to get a pigture!

It’s thanks to Nibbles and Nugget that the rest of us are here and when whee saw the rainbow in the sky this morning whee knew they were watching over us.

Have a fabulous Friday efurryone

Nacho, Noah, Buddy & Basil


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So Cute It’s Crazy!

Psst. Blogosphere, I have cute little surprise but don’t breathe a word of it to Nacho just yet . . .


Unbelievably, some people have called this little fella ‘ugly’. I think he is some sort of cross breed. He has three large rosettes in his fur which form a tutu style ruff round his middle, and a little ridge or poof of fur just behind his ears. The little hoomans compare his markings to looking like an angel fish. Do you agree?

I think he is adorable! Let’s hope Nacho agrees!


The Hooman

ps. There’s still time to enter the Don’t Parsley Me By Pigture Contest, check back here.

pps. As with all bonding there is a chance things might not work out between Nacho and Noah. Whee will let you know as soon as whee know how things went.

Trying To Talk Thursday

Ok, the little hoomans laughed. Mummy laughed. The vet laughed. And all the other piggies laughed. Much to my shame, I am a piggy who cannot squeak. I try so very hard, honestly I do! A lot of air rushes in and out in my excitement but very little sound seems to follow, unlike efurryone elses squeaks, which are so loud a piercing they can be heard from outside the house!

Mummy decided to film me trying to squeak. This is actually one of the times I managed to make a sound so Mummy was very proud of me!

Does anyone have any tips on how to squeak? Or maybe I wasn’t born to squeak . . . maybe I should try to meow or woof? What do you think?

Happy Thurday efurryone



Your Face Looks Furmiliar . . . ?

So those of you who followed the blog back when I was a little baby (ok, it wasn’t that long ago but I am trying to sound grown up here!) may remember the below pigture on the left, however the one on the right isn’t me! Who is that impostor copying my cute-bag-nesting-style?!!


The new kid Nacho does look rather like me. Though not as cute, of course

Yours, the slightly insecure



Wordless Wednesday – Prince Nacho

Hearing about the Royal Baby has given Nacho ideas . . .


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