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So Cute It’s Crazy!

Psst. Blogosphere, I have cute little surprise but don’t breathe a word of it to Nacho just yet . . .


Unbelievably, some people have called this little fella ‘ugly’. I think he is some sort of cross breed. He has three large rosettes in his fur which form a tutu style ruff round his middle, and a little ridge or poof of fur just behind his ears. The little hoomans compare his markings to looking like an angel fish. Do you agree?

I think he is adorable! Let’s hope Nacho agrees!


The Hooman

ps. There’s still time to enter the Don’t Parsley Me By Pigture Contest, check back here.

pps. As with all bonding there is a chance things might not work out between Nacho and Noah. Whee will let you know as soon as whee know how things went.

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