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The Leaves Of Change . . .

Autumn leaves are changing. Oranges, reds, even some browns already! I like looking at them change to more ‘nutty’ colours. They look bootiful but they also make me sad.

The colours of the leaves changing means that the weather is changing, and if the weather is changing then it won’t be long before whee cannot go out in the garden for run time. (Not that I don’t enjoy my indoor runs but I like the fresh air and munching on my green spaghetti grass!)

Mummy had to put out cuddly fleece blankets for us to keep warm in while whee were in the garden (see me in the blue blanket below!). Look at how many leaves were everywhere! (Of course that isn’t photoshopped! What are you insinuating?! That Mummy wouldn’t let me play on the soggy leaves?! Nope, Mummy lets me do whatever I want!)

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Although I love this time of year and the excitment is already building for the coming events and special holidays, I still feel a little . . . wistful.

I do love Autumn but sometimes I wish it wouldn’t come so soon and it wouldn’t make things change.

Maybe change is good though. Mummy says whee can start having warm bran mushy noms and other warm foods to keep us happy as it gets colder.

Actually, thinking of that delicious bran-mushy, maybe change isn’t so bad.

What are you going to do to stay warm as the weather gets colder? Do you like Autumn and Winter or do they leave you cold? And how do you deal with change?


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