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Who Knews And Some News!

First things first, who correctly guessed what I was staring at in the pigture below? Well only two furfriends guessed right because you all seem to think my mind is permanantly on my stomach! A wonderful winner whiffle goes to Dakota and to Dianda  who knew I was staring at another piggy, Buddy!






Now onto Nibbles’ News. Thank you for your kind words, I am ok. Unfortunately, Saturday, Mummy took me to the vets because my claws needed clipping and she was a bit worried about the way I was walking. Apparently I was hopping a little like a bunny rabbit!

Well the vet was surprisingly nice! He actually talked to me. When he felt my legs I jumped and winced and he knew exactly what was wrong.  I have the early stages of piggy arthritis. It’s not as bad as it sounds. Just a part of piggy old age.

Mummy launched into action and began questioning the vet. They had a long discussion about what was best. As I’m not really suffering they didn’t feel that I need medication just yet but I most likely will in the future, they even discussed doing a trial of some anti-inflammatories for a wheek to see if my bunny hop walk lessened.

When whee got home Mummy dashed to her forum friends to ask questions and searched the computermabob for more information. Well there really isn’t much out there regarding this. Mummy was surprised. Maybe I can become a helpful resource to other piggy parents? The best Mummy found was on Peter Gurney’s website – he is a piggy guru – on his page about old age! He has a suggestion of some hooman tablets which you can give to piggies called Potters Tabritis (see here – Other suggestions range from accupuncture to water therapy, neither of which Mummy is to sure about until she has looked into it a bit more.

Mummy’s forum friends say not to let me get too cold so Mummy rushed out today and bought me a gift. It is called a snuggle safe heat pad and Mummy and me think it is great! All you do is put it in the microwave and then you have ten hours of warm snuggliness!


Mummy heated it . . . .


And tucked it in my bed where I loved it!

On my blanket covered heat pad!

On my blanket covered heat pad!

This is a bit of a learning curve from all of us. This does of course explain some of my more recent grumpiness so in a way it is a good thing I went to the vet, and I didn’t think I would be saying that!

Hope you are all having a good day and I can warmly (please forgive the pun, I couldn’t help myself!) recommend these snugglesafe heat pads for all animals as a great Winter warmer. They are pet safe and the perfect temperature. I just want to know why Mummy didn’t get one like this before!

Hope you have had an awesome day and are as excited about Pigmass as whee are! Whee put our decorations up today so whee will share those tomorrow.




PS. Massive thank you cuddles to Miss Mollie and Alfie and their hooman for making this wonderful Pigmass pigture of us! Santa’s sleigh will never be late with us on the case!

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