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5 Things You Should Know About Guinea Pigs and Apples

IMG_4707Recently whee were asked on Twitter ‘Can guinea pigs eat apples?’ and with it getting to that Autumnal time of year when hoomans enjoy a good apple pie (as Sammy from One Spoiled Cat reminded us when he said his hooman was making one!) whee thought whee would do a blog post answer!

In short; yes!

Like hoomans, whee guinea pigs enjoy most types of apple.

However anything you hoomans don’t like, whee probably won’t probably like. (eg. sour apples like crab apples) Whee are also not keen on unripe apples as again, the flavour is a bit sour.

Things to think about before giving a guinea pig apples

  1. Apple seeds/pips contain cyanide and can serious upset our insides so make sure they are ALL removed before giving us any.
  2. Apple leaves are pretty nommy and whee can eat small amounts of them. However they are high in calcium so don’t give us too many.
  3. Whee have very small mouths so please chop apple up into small pieces so they are easier for us to digest
  4. Apples are pretty acidic so please only give us small amounts once a week as otherwise whee may get sores in our mouths and on our lips
  5. Like anything, too much of a good thing is bad for us. Apples are more of a treat than anything else.

Whee have an orchard near our new Hutch that whee can send the hoomans to and they bring us a little treat back sometimes!

Whee hope you found this useful. Do you have a seasonal treat you particularly enjoy?

Happy Thursday

Buddy – Guinea Pig Connoisseur


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