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Cavy Crusade

I have been on a crusade . . . an adventure. Yes, tis’ I! Furnando. The hoomans say I am the guinea pig version of Indiana Jones and I don’t think they are to far off! Well to start off this fine Monday morning (I say fine, it’s cold and raining but not as bad as it could be! Whee hope that if you are somewhere with furry bad weather you stay safe.) I thought I would share with you where I went this wheekend. In fact, I’ll give you the pigtures and you can guess! Almost like a Sammy Tuesday Teaser! Only it’s Monday and I probably won’t give hugs at the end. I’m not a huggy pig. The hoomans say I have a British stiff upper lip!

To start off, Day 1 – The hoomans took me out for a nice meal with them and let me eat the salad.

Day 2 – Out having fun!

It was fun going away with the hooman and experiencing new things. I told the other piggies when I got back what I saw and did and the only thing they were interested in was the salad eating part. Honestly, where is their sense of adventure?!!

What adventures did you have at the wheekend? Have fun guessing where whee went and Happy Monday efurryone!



He’s Back!

Who’s back you may ask. Why FURnando of course! Yes, a long long long time ago Mummy used to take him on adventures but he took an early retirement when he met FURlicity, the statue of his dreams. Now FURlicity is going on a spa break so FURnando has decided to dust off his adventure boots and go out with the hoomans again! Here he is to remind you what he looks like:

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Quite a handsome fella if he does say so himself, and he does!

Whee know he cannot wait for the wheekend to begin. What adventures are you going to have?

Nacho, Noah, Buddy & Basil


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