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Wordy Wednesday – Yule Be Furry Impressed!

Whee are pretty sure you will be furry impressed by this. As much as whee are!

An amazing hooman that our Mummy knows on The Guinea Pig Forum made something she had imagined, a reality. Mummy has spent awhile in the run up to Pigmas worrying about piggies which will be bought as presents and hoomans will not properly research their care.


Here comes Santa Paws . . .

So Mummy thought; if whee cannot stop people from getting them, whee can at the furry least, educate them! So whee have had help putting together an advent calender containing impawtent information and fun facts for little and big hoomans alike to learn about their new additions in the run up to getting them!

You can check it out here. Just click the day to read a fact, see a pigture or hear a sound clip.

Whee hope you like it! Have a wonderful Wednesday



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