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Tea Tree For Tootsies!

Well today I has a special beauty secret to share with you. A review. This is about Johnsons Pets Tea Tree Cream for itchy skin. I have had sore tootsies for a little while now. I have been checked for mites and fungal and pretty much everything but no one could explain why my back paws itched so much. I was begining to get bald patches that didn’t look so good when I recieved a miracle cure.

The lovely Miss Lisa Hopkins at Johnsons Pets sent us a package of products to test. Enclosed were many things, including the tea tree cream. The pot said soothing for itchy skin and my vet said it was worthy a try so whee went for it. Every morning and evening Mummy put a little on my foot. I was very good and Mummy said the effect was great. I was soo eager after a couple of times that I would hold my paw out for her to apply it. The change is amazing! I have only been using it for 4 days but I can’t believe it.

My fur is growing back. I’m not itching and chewing it anymore. Now Mummy has stopped using it this evening and I’ve not been seen itching at all. It is my one-stop-skin improvement stop! Mummy has used a little on my ear when it was dry too.

Whee would wholeheartedly recommend this product for small furries with itchy skin. Or as something for a furries first aid kit. Obviously any itches or scratches should be vet checked throughly but this has been brillant for me.

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Do you have a fav product?


Go On And Giggles

Hello efurryone. Enjoying the run up to Pigoween whee hope?! Don’t forget some of our favourite blogs are running some great competitions with deadlines in the next couple of days! Sammy from One Spoiled Cat has a great pumpkin carving contest. (whee have already sent our entry!) And Mollie and Misaki are running a Pet Pigoween Dress Up Contest. (which whee have also entered!)

Now to today’s post. Whee thought about launching our final Spooktober contest today but decided to keep you hanging on so check back tomorrow for that. Instead whee are going to share a fav video of ours with funny pigtures to give you a giggle before whee get down to the scary stuff! Enjoy!

Nibbles, Nutty, Buddy & Basil

Piggy Parenthood. Not A Job . . . An Adventure!

Our new addition, Baby Basil, has surprised me. As with when Nutty arrived to be my new companion, I find myself bouncing around the cage more. Squeaking a little louder. Being more friendly. (Not like Buddy who is struggling to get more than a few minutes sleep at once and is too exhausted to play all the time. Though he did some very impressive zoomies today!)

It is as though he has rubbed off on me! I am quite an elderly gentlepig now so to behave this way is quite peculiar. I haven’t even really met him. Whee just squeak at each other across the garden or the living room.

Nutty appears quite jealous really! Mummy always used to call him Baby Nut but now his middle is no longer ‘widdle’ he cannot really be consider a baby. He is far more like a stroppy teenager, rumbling around the cage and complaining loudly should someone ignore him for longer than three seconds.

Mummy is careful to give us equal attention (well I would expect no less!) but this isn’t enough for Nutty. I am seriously considering the advice giving to Buddy on handling Basil and sitting on Nutty until he calms down and listens.

I may not be a spring chicken but with my newfound bouncy-popcorning, there is life in this old piggy yet!


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