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So That’s Where I Went Tuesday

Hello again efurryone. It’s Furnando here to reveal just where I was in my Monday Mystery pigtures. The pigtures for day one were of a pub in the pretty village of Dedham, Suffolk. The pub called The Marlborough Head Inn and was small and cozy with wood burning fires and furry friendly staff. After their meal the hoomans walked around the local area and church but I didn’t go because it started to rain.


Day two was, as Val and C.A.T.S guessed, a church. Or at least, they were half right. This is Bury St Edmunds Abbey and the ruins of the Abbey Church which was one of the largest in the country.┬áThe abbey church of St Edmund was built in the 11th and 12th centuries and was much enlarged and rebuilt during the 12th century. The main Abbey remains and you can look around inside. While in there the hoomans lit a candle in memory of all pets and people passed and sat quietly to reflect. When they left and were heading back to the car they encountered a cheeky little squirrel who seemed fascinated in them and posed for Mummy’s pigtures. It reminded Mummy of Nutty who she often liked to call her little Squirrel Nutkin.

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It was furry peaceful and relaxing to visit these bootiful places. Where have you visited that was bootiful recently? Happy Tuesday efurryone



Cavy Crusade

I have been on a crusade . . . an adventure. Yes, tis’ I! Furnando. The hoomans say I am the guinea pig version of Indiana Jones and I don’t think they are to far off! Well to start off this fine Monday morning (I say fine, it’s cold and raining but not as bad as it could be! Whee hope that if you are somewhere with furry bad weather you stay safe.) I thought I would share with you where I went this wheekend. In fact, I’ll give you the pigtures and you can guess! Almost like a Sammy Tuesday Teaser! Only it’s Monday and I probably won’t give hugs at the end. I’m not a huggy pig. The hoomans say I have a British stiff upper lip!

To start off, Day 1 – The hoomans took me out for a nice meal with them and let me eat the salad.

Day 2 – Out having fun!

It was fun going away with the hooman and experiencing new things. I told the other piggies when I got back what I saw and did and the only thing they were interested in was the salad eating part. Honestly, where is their sense of adventure?!!

What adventures did you have at the wheekend? Have fun guessing where whee went and Happy Monday efurryone!



He’s Back!

Who’s back you may ask. Why FURnando of course! Yes, a long long long time ago Mummy used to take him on adventures but he took an early retirement when he met FURlicity, the statue of his dreams. Now FURlicity is going on a spa break so FURnando has decided to dust off his adventure boots and go out with the hoomans again! Here he is to remind you what he looks like:

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Quite a handsome fella if he does say so himself, and he does!

Whee know he cannot wait for the wheekend to begin. What adventures are you going to have?

Nacho, Noah, Buddy & Basil


A First For FURnando!

As you may remember, awhile ago whee got a new addition to the family. A vivid pet guinea pig statue. Well much to everyone’s surprise, the magical power of his name being bestowed upon him, by Sammy the Cat, revealed he lives. Now, Mummy was rather surprised by this but has agreed to let Furnando post on here sometimes to answer a suggestion whee recieved. What is it like in England? Well Furnando got to go on a special trip today and he brought back some photos and a story to share . . .

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Hello! Furnando here. As the others so kindly introduced me already I am going to jump right in and tell you about today! I was woken earlier than usual with everyone bustling around packing towels and buckets and spades. I did wonder what might be happening until Mummy explained that they were having a family day out at the beach and I was invited.

I said yes and was bundled into the car with everyone. There was a lot of loud singing (that wasn’t even in tune) and games of I Spy. The I Spy game got a bit boring when everyone said their word began with ‘c’ and everyone knew it was car. It felt like hours and hours to get to the beach and it got hotter and hotter. When whee finally got there whee all sat at the top of some cliffs looking out to sea and enjoying a pignic. Mummy said I could have a sandwhich but I didn’t want to eat a sandy witch so I nibbled on some cliff top grass instead.

On the beach everyone sunburned. I am supposed to say sunbathed but with all the complaining which followed they just got burnt. Nothing else. They even put on some sun cream first to stop it from happening but it just made their hands so slippery they kept nearly dropping me. They built me a huge sandcatle to live in and it took the little hoomans nearly all day to do it! Unfortunately Mummy was balancing me on a turret for a photo when the entire creation collapsed and I very nearly needed to be dug out!

After my near death experience and checking myself for life threatening injuries I joined everyone getting icecreams. Apparently they don’t do grass or carrot flavoured ones. I was very disappointed.

With ices creams and sandcastles and paddling (which I wasn’t brave enough to do seeing as the water would be up to my chin in one step!) and bad singing, I think I experienced everything neccessary for a British day at the beach.

Have any of you ever been to the beach? What do you like to do theere?


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