A Beautiful Buddy Scarf

So whee may not be known for our style but I think you’ll all agree that whee guinea piggies make excellent scarves!


This is my new favourite place to sit when snuggling the hoomans. Up on their shoulder “parrot-like” as the hoomans say, or tucked behind their head but still up high and able to see everything that’s going on. Mummy calls me nosey pig!

Whee all have our little quirks I suppose. Basil likes to be on your lap looking around. Nacho like to be under your chin hiding from the scary stuff and Noah likes to clamber all over you and then when he gets bored climb off and sit next to you or go exploring.

Where’s your favourite place to sleep or sit?

Happy Tuesday efurryone


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  1. it’s the bestest scarf, I agree…. and it is great that you all found your favourite place!

  2. Well what a cozy scarf you make! I guess my favorite spot to sleep or even to be, is wherever my Mom is. I’ll just curl up on the floor wherever she is because I feel safe by her.

    Hugs, Sammy

  3. hug collars for sure

  4. Marty the Manx

    You are an adorable little scarf 🙂 I like to snuggle up in Mom’s arms while she is typing or on her shoulder while she is watching TV. Everyone else likes to lie on her lap.

  5. Hey – get off that shoulder. That’s MY spot. SQUAAAAWK.

  6. The Scotties love leather couches and recliners. The go from one to another.

  7. That’s an awesome viewing spot, B. I like the big chair in the living room. I can watch everything going on outside through the window.

    Love and licks,

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