Funny Feline Friday

Ok, so today whee thought whee would tell you about a kitty who has decided that he owns most of the street! Mummy called him Kit.

He is very confident and friendly and likes to visit our garden and spend time with our hoomans when they are out there. He sometimes even walks part of the way to work and home from work with Mummy. But recently he’s a puss that’s getting to big for his boots!

He has decided that, even when the door is only slightly open, he wants to try to get into our hutch. As you can see from the pigture below, he’s quite determined.


Whee don’t mind the hoomans making other furry friends but when those furfriends try to get into our hutch whee have to really put our paws down. None of us have even met this “Kit”! Are whee right to feel be unimpressed by this moggy’s manners?

Have you ever had any unwelcome visitors or wildlife trying to let themselves into your Hutch/House?

Nacho, Noah, Buddy & Basil


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  1. Such a rude fellow – he must be asked to visit, not let himself in!

  2. He’s a pretty kitty BUT has bad manners! We do have a neighborhood cat who we have to keep a close eye on when coming and going from the door – he’s fast as the wind and has come flying through the door when Mom is taking me out for a walk…..he then proceeds to hide so Mom and Dad have to try and find him to show him the way back out again! Rude!

    Hugs, Sammy

  3. haha your Kit is a hoot…the furst photo reminds me a little of Jack Nicholson in Shining :o)

  4. Aw…..well, we are kitty lovers around here, so purrhaps he could become furriends with you guys — We’ve seen odd combinations of furriends before!

  5. I like the title Funny Feline Friday is his name Felix?

  6. Marty the Manx

    Not here in the States, but I did have a Kitty that decided to make himself quite at home at my house when I lived in New Zealand and would get quite upset when I would try to send him home to his own house.

  7. If a kitty wants to befriend you, it’s usually a big compliment! However, this Kit fella might want to get a little TOO close to you, so it’s good that your hoomans are aware and are being cautious. Friends at a distance is better when big claws and teeth are involved!

  8. I sure hope he just wants to make friends and isn’t trying to play rough or *cough* find a quick meal. He looks pretty friendly, but that might be just a ruse to get past the humans. First he wants in your house. The next thing you know, he’ll want inside YOUR hutch.

  9. We have to deal with four kitties who live in our house! They are generally well mannered. There are MacKayla the Empress (she’s really old), Joel Gray (who doesn’t notice us at all) and Mittens the Magnificent (who usually ignores us). The problem kitty is Giblet Paws. I think he’d like to taste us and see if we’d make a good meal! But the humans make sure he doesn’t get closer than a quick sniff and than he gets shooed away. He and MacKayla like to sit and watch us run around though and we squeak at them and sometimes run through their legs which makes them jump sometimes — that’s fun! Willow and Zuna

  10. Kit views you as more than friends. Stay away.

  11. Don’t join his “Meals with Squeals” club.

  12. With 6 animals in the house, you would think that squirrels and mice would stay out, but they don’t. Our kitties loved the piggies when they all lived together. Maybe you can teach this interloper to be friendly?

  13. It seems every month there a new critter trying to make its way into our home. Mom and Dad take every stray in so we’re always on high alert. *Ear licks* Noodle

  14. Figuress!!!! This kittyboy iss a Burmese an wee are berry pushy katss….
    LadyMum said xcept fur his eyess beein thee same hee lookss JUST LIKE MEE!!!!
    Mew mew mew….
    Iss a compleemint tho’; hee wantss to bee furendss with thee famuss Gee-Piggiess!! Hee just needss to leern a few mannerss rite????
    ~~head rubsss~~ Siddhartha Henry~~

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