A Guinea Pig Pride & Prejudice – Our Review

Now as you know, whee don’t normally review books. Much like the newspapers whee poop all over they are extremely munchable and usually they are a little too long to keep our attention!

But thanks to this book the little hoomans got Mummy for Pigmas whee have been converted and discovered a literary interest (not just because it’s full of pigtures of cute ladypigs but that may be part of it!)

So here is our review of A Guinea Pig Pride & Prejudice.

Plot: Based on the novel by Jane Austen (which Mummy is apparently a fan of) this tale follows the story of Elizabeth Bennett as she navigates the apparently complicated world of the British Regency. Only this time she’s a rather cute cavy so suddenly a hundred times more interesting in our opinion. If the story is not your cup of tea the guinea pigs in costumes just might be! Whee have to say that whee are rather jealous of a certain “proudest, most disagreeable man in the world“. That Elizabeth Bennet is one of the prettiest piggies whee have seen!

Price: It varies but it the RRP is £7.99

Paws Rating: Whee give this solid 9 paws out of 10!

Do you have a favourite book? Also who do you think wore it better:


Whee are definitely going for the beautiful Molly the guinea pig!

Hope you’re having a great day efurryone. Squeak soon

Nacho, Noah, Buddy & Basil


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  1. Ha ha – we think Molly wins paws down 😀

  2. We vote Molly, too! NUTHIN’ beats a Guinea pig in a hat!

    Love and licks,

  3. Molly… no doubts… and this is one of my mommas favourite novels too :o)

  4. Since I’m not a fan of Nane Austin, this is probably the only book that could entice me to read her work! Cute piggies would totally make it more interesting. Thanks for the review.

  5. Our mommy and we love this book — she reads it to us and we love the pictures! It’s good to see you back again!

    Willow and Zuna the guinea pigs (who are moving to a new house this summer!)

  6. What’s this world coming to? Pigs are trying to act like humans and humans are acting like pigs.

  7. Hehehe for me it would have to be Bunnies,xx Speedy

  8. Yup, Molly definitely wore it a ton better! What a great book

  9. Definitely Molly wore it better and I’m with you on Pride and Prejudice. It’s much more a story with piggies.

  10. Adorable! And Molly definitely wore it better . . . paws down!

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