Skinny Star Sunday

So whee have decided that this Sunday whee would like to share with you one of our favourite Instagram stars. A skinny sensation that is posing and showing a piggy pout to put A-listers to shame.
Introducing Ludwik:

“The only reason I’m fat is because a tiny body culdn’t store all this personality”😄 #guineapig #hairlessguineapig #hairless #cavy #cute #pig #littleanimals #guineapigs #skinnyguineapig #guineapigsofinstagram #skinnypig #skinnypigobsessed #cuteanimals #instacute #morce #marsvin #cobaye #cavia #tengerimalac #myanimal #funnyanimals #food #sweet #funny #love #świnkamorska #ludwik #ludwig #meerschweinchen
A photo posted by @ludwik_guinea_pig on Apr 26, 2016 at 4:13am PDT


This piggy poser is putting our hairless cousins on the map! Flying the flag for embracing your individuality and with an incredible 55,000 followers on Instagram, he has a fanbase to rival some celebrities.


So what is a skinny pig?
A skinny pig is a type of guinea pig cross breed. It is a cross between a strain of hairless guinea pigs made in a lab (reported to be from a genetic mutation indentified in 1978) and your average furry guinea pig. The have a little fuzzy fur on their faces/noses and legs but other than that they are hairless as can be!
Whee love checking out his latest pigtures and poses. Whee might be tempted to recreate them ourselves!
Do you have a favourite animal celebrity?

Hope you’re having a great Sunday

Nacho, Noah, Buddy and Basil



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  1. the mama said I look a little like Ludvik… I have a giant pawsonality too :o) My favourite animal vip is Grumpy Cat… the way that feline sister sees the world is priceless :o)

  2. Ludwik is absolutely adorables!! What a face…..I didn’t know there were hairless (almost) piggies but I do think he’s a cutie and looks like he’s super soft too. My favorite animal celebrity? That probably would be Oskar the Blind Cat – just because I admire him so much. Have a super day kiddos…

    Love, Sammy

  3. Hairless Guinea pig? Whoa. Yikes. *gulp* ‘Nuff said.

    Love and licks,

  4. We just love the faces he can make!

  5. A bird doesn’t want to be featherless because the next step from that is into the oven.

  6. Poor piggy must be cold…..he/she needs a jumper. I think there’s a cuteness quality that’s hard to ignore.

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