3 Things You Need to Consider to Have A Happy Holiday

Well the whee have noticed the sun is occasionally shining again and you know what that means . . .  holiday time! But have you put any thought into what you are going to do with your pets while you are enjoying yourself? This was something Mummy considered very carefully with her parents and family before she actually took on her first piggies. There are 3 main things to take into consideration:

  1. wpid-img_20141203_111300.jpgWho? – Who will look after your piggies? How well do they know guinea pigs? Guinea pigs are very good at hiding illnesses, would your chosen carer be able to spot the signs of what isn’t normal behaviour for each guinea pigs?
  2. What? What plans are in place should your guinea pig(s) fall ill whilst with your chosen carer? What guidance will you give the carer?
  3. Where? Where will the piggies stay? What arrangements will be made to move them as smoothly as possible if they are being moved?

To answer each of these things you need to work out the following


Who? What?

This person needs to have good knowledge of your pet and preferably some experience in caring for piggies. You need to make sure they are someone who fully understands the needs of your piggy and are able to get them to a cavy savvy vet if needs be. Make sure you provide any details of past medical history and the vet you wish them to be taken to. You must make sure they know what to do in an emergency situation and leave instructions for what to do re: paying for treatment and who has the final say if your piggy needs urgent care/operations.

Whee recommend you provide the following on each pet

Name: for obvious reasons

Age: to help with any treatment need

Previous medical history: to help discover the cause of any illness

Allergies: to help the vet decide a safe treatment

Favourite treat: sounds silly but it’s useful to know to get a sick piggy to eat when unwell


Where? How?

Things like daily routine are vital for guinea pigs. They are very much creatures of habit. So what is your guineas’ daily routine? What are they used to eating (fresh food, dried food, hay etc) and how often? It can help to write a schedule for the piggy sitter. For example:

Morning – Fresh water and pellet food, plus top up hay

Mid-Morning – Fresh vegetables (3 types)

Mid-Afternoon – Top up hay

Evening – Large amount of hay before bed!

If your guinea pig isn’t used to going out on the grass, does your pet sitter know this? Piggies who aren’t used to grass can get bloat from eating too much which can be fatal without veterinary treatment.

To make things as smooth as possible, whee recommend supplying food, bedding and everything your guinea pig may need. This is to minimise the amount of disruption to your pet.

Transport is also going to be something to plan. Whee came up with a guide for part of our series on moving house safely:

Remember change can be very stressful for pets, especially for prey animals like guinea pigs. It is recommended that you should not travel with your piggies for more than two hours at a time. This is so that you can make sure whee stop to eat and drink at whee will very likely be too afraid to do that while in a moving vehicle.

Allowing us to sit on a seat in your car is extremely dangerous. Naturally whee will want to explore which can be distracting to the driver. If you were to hit the brakes or be in an accident then nothing would be there to protect us.

Just like children, whee animals should be restrained in the back seat where whee are safe from the air bag in the front.

You should also not travel with us in cages unless there is absolutely no other option. You may think you are being kind giving us all that space to roam around but in reality you would be risking us getting a serious injury with efurry turn. If your piggy has no other option but to travel in a cage remove all heavy objects from it and put in cozy blankets and towels to protect us and break our falls.

The best option for us is a well-ventilated pet carrier. There are plenty of great carriers sold a lots of different pet stores on online. If you cannot find a large enough pet carrier whee would recommend a small cat cage/carrier as a great alternative. Make sure whee get used to the carrier before the trip by having us eat treats like vegetables in there to associate it with good things.

When travelling, make sure the carrier is fully secured and nothing can fall on us.


If you keep all of this in mind then there is no reason why whee shouldn’t enjoy our own little holiday! Whee love staying with our Mummy’s friends. The little hoomans are always kind and there are ladypigs in the area!

There is always the possibility of pets travelling on holiday with you but that is something to be carefully considered and planned, especially with small pets like us piggies!

Do you have any other top tips for pet planning for holidays? Do you have a holiday planned this year?

Happy Holiday planning all and have a great day!



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  1. I hope all will be careful and think twice before they start in their howl-i-day. I once saw a family who had two piggies in a plastic cage at Pawris trainstation… the noise level there is even too much for humans… I don’t want to imagine how this little animals felt in their plastic box :o(

  2. Very good suggestions and advice on what to think about before taking a holiday if you have pets. My Mom and Dad have decided not to take a long holiday this year – just a weekend here and there. They say I’m 15-1/2 years old and they really don’t want to be away from me for a long time! Too bad – I could have a heck of a party with them gone right?

    Hugs, Sammy

  3. I think this is a very good post! I think some people do not realise when they get piggies that they can be a little high maintenance at times. I always make sure the people I leave mine with have got the space for piggies as well (both in the house and garden) as it is important to have floor time. I always leave money as well just in case there is a medical emergency!

  4. Reblogged this on Tales of Everything and Anything and commented:
    This post makes some fantastic points regarding going on holiday and leaving your furry (or scaly depending on what pet you have!) behind.
    I find this very important, especially as we have Stig who has had some health issues so we have to make sure the temporary owners are able to look after him and able to contact our vet in an emergency.

  5. The dogs go on holiday with the peeps. I have to get boarded at the bird store.

  6. All great tips my piggy pal’s,mummy takes me with her as much as possible,but when she goes abroad she has to have somebody to look after me,used to be her mum but now its a friend of hers and daddy’s,who have experience of rabbits and the rescue Hedgehogs so they will be perfect,xx Speedy

  7. doodz…..thiz iza grate post….itz help full ta haza petz chex list like thiz… coz we all noe once de peepulz get “holiday” in ther heads…it’s all they seem ta thinkz a bout…N they could forget sum thin !!

    while de food serviss gurl wont be takin a holiday thiz yeer; her likes ta keep a chex list similar ta thiz on file… just in case ther wood be an emergencee….which we hope does knot occur


  8. Great suggestions. We always tried to bring out piggies with us.

  9. If the dogs can’t go, I don’t go.

  10. That’s great advice. It’s important to be prepared and arrange things well in advance.

  11. **HI-5’SS** there Guinny Piggiess fur a grate bloggie!! Wee finkss you set out all thee ruless purrfectlee..yur Mumma iss ‘cavvy savvy’ fur sure 😉
    ***nose kissess*** Siddhartha Henry an LadyMum xxxxx

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