Long Long Ago – A Prehistoric Guinea Pig!

Well, as you know, whee are well educated guinea piggies so whee keep up to date on all the hot news topics. This is why our first “back-to-blogging” post is about a news story of the prehistoric kind!

Long long ago, before Mummy was born. Before Mummy’s Mummy and her Mummy’s Mummy was born . . . guinea pig roamed the Earth!

Think that doesn’t sound too impressive? Well how about a guinea pig the size of a buffalo that had a bite as strong as a tiger’s and is believed to be the largest rodent to have ever lived?

That’s what scientists at the University of York and The Hull York Medical School (HYMS) discovered about a creature that lived three million years ago!

You heard right: a guinea pig the size of a buffalo, and Mummy thought whee were trouble when whee were in bad moods!

Experts say that these piggies, who they believe used to dig for food, are our ancestors and may have used their giant rodent teeth in the same way an elephant uses its tusks, which is pretty impressive!

Scientists used compawter simulators to estimate how powerful a bite it had, and came up with a force of around 1,400 Newtons – about the same as that of a tiger’s clamping jaws.

For some reason they named it, Josephoartigasia monesi, and missed the brilliant opportunity to call it a “Guinea Big” in our opinion!

Josephoartigasia monesi

Artist impression of Josephoartigasia monesi(Nobu Tamura)

Well you wouldn’t want to meet one of those in a dark alley. So next time you’re complaining about the mess us guinea pigs make . . . remember, we were once strong as tigers and big as buffaloes . . . who says we won’t be again!!

Have a great day efurryone

Nacho, Noah, Buddy & Basil


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  1. Guinea Bigs – very good guys! But of course you’re clever, having been around for billions of years and winning Sammy’s Tuesday Teaser 😀

  2. “Guinea Big” – brilliant. Why didn’t they come to you guys for the name?!!

  3. As big as a buffalo! That’s amazing!
    The only way to say the name that the scientists came up with is to shorten it to Jo. The name you suggest is much better.

  4. WOW! Guinea Big indeed! Well I happen to think you guys are a whole lot cuter than that thing was!!!! CONGRATULATIONS winning FIRST RIGHT GUESSER on my Teaser yesterday too! WOO WOO WOOOOOO!

    Hugs, Sammy

  5. Woofing funny

  6. i have some doubts if this guy would make a cute pet :o)

  7. Guinea Big? BOL Funny. Have a wonderful Wednesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  8. You need to take one of those along with you to a fight.

  9. Whoa! That was one humongous piggy for sure. Keep eating those veggies…who knows how big you can grow…heh…heh

  10. Can you imagine the clean-up after guinea pigs that huge? *slaps head* Nothing but poop patrol!

  11. doodz…ewe noe, if ewe eated like 985 cazes oh fresh fish a day… ya mite get az big aza buffalo again….course ya gotta reeeeely like fish…..conga ratz on winnin de teaser at sammy’s !! ♥♥

  12. Guinea Big is a much better name guys 🙂 love it hugs Fozziemum xx

  13. BOL!!! OMD, you tell em’! Then again, a piggie that size is gonna need a REALLY BIG habitat!!! (and some really big poopie bags…☺)
    Ruby ♥

  14. ooh how exciting looks like your cousin the Capybara,xx Speedy

  15. Wow you guys come from a very impressive lineage! But then again, we always knew you were special. 🙂

  16. ‘guinea big’ hahah pretty creative, guys! you sure are smart! 😀

  17. Well they sure weren’t as cute as you little dudes. I’d have to compare your widdle wips cause those are my favourite. But if I got up close to Jose, he might eat me for a snack…eeeek.

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