Dumped Not Disposable – How Can We Stop This Happening?

It’s not often news stories makes Mummy truly angry but a recent couple did just that.

One was on ITV news and regarding an appeal for information after two guinea pigs were dumped in woods in Dorset.


Taken from ITV News story, credit to RSPCA


These two defenceless little guys were found in the woods by a member of the public who stayed with them until an RSPCA animal collection officer was able to collect them. In doing so, the member of the public showed more care than their owner had and I’d like to applaud them for it. Had the owner shown the same humanity they would never have left them there.

The news story described them as cold and wet and one as having badly matted hair. But did say they are now safe and recovering from their ordeal.

The second story said was in Cornwall and again, involved guinea pigs abandoned in the cold. You can read their story here.

Frustratingly, many rescues and shelters here in the UK will take animals without judgement or too many questions. Even leaving them at a vet surgery would have been preferable to dumping them in the woods, where someone was lucky to happen upon them, in the freezing cold and damp conditions.

How anyone can do this is beyond us. Mummy wouldn’t even take us outside in this weather unless to the vets or in an emergency! Even then we would be wrapped up warm with heat pads!

The question whee would like to put to you all today is; how do you, personally, think we can stop this from happening again? How can we change the idea that pets are disposable?

Is it through education? Laws? Or something more radical like compulsory pet registration or neutering?

Whee would love to learn your views

Nacho, Noah, Buddy & Basil


PS. Anyone with information on the two piggies mentioned in the first story should contact the RSPCA inspector information line on 0300 123 8018.

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  1. That’s what I never will understand… they want an animal no longer but they haven’t the balls to bring their pet to a shelter or to a vet because the vet or the staff at the shelter could think bad about them (uhoh! really?) That’s totally crazy and weird… and at last the pets have to pay… so sad…

    • It frustrates me when there are options out there. Even leaving them outside the shelter shows a degree of care. But dumping them in the woods. It’s so callous and unnecessary


  2. Good question. How does society instill worthwhile values? How do we help people see all animal life as deserving of respect?

    • That’s what I’m trying to ask. Because I’ve always been brought up to show respect to animals and care for them I cannot imagine why someone wouldn’t.

      Is it really possible we need to teach humanity and respect for life to children because their parents aren’t?


  3. Hate to think how many aren’t found in time by people who actually care 😦

  4. Human brains need to be rewired. Some of them have more than one screw loose. The only consolation is that they don’t only treat pigs that way-look at the way they treat each other.

  5. I thought that we were the only heartless country in the world. SO SAD!

  6. I don’t know what to do about this my piggie friends. There’s no excuse for this. People who do this should get the same treatment they gave the anipals. Better yet, drag them behind a car.

    I’m sad again. So sad.

  7. So very sad when we read about these stories and it happens ALL THE TIME…..how anyone can he so heartless is beyond us…..it’s just WRONG……It’s true that we are NOT “disposables”…..we are a lifetime of trust and love just waiting for a proper (and forever) home…….

    Hugs, Sammy

  8. pietopiapetcare

    A lot of people don’t have any respect for animals at all unfortunately! I really feel for animals (be they pets, farm animals, etc.) and what many of them go through nowadays… 😦

    Personally, I’m totally behind the ‘compulsory pet license’ idea. It may seem a little totalitarian to some but I think the effort of acquiring the license would put off a lot of would-be animal abusers.

    I think a general shift in the attitude of society is the only real ‘cure’ to this problem and that may well still be a long way off. Glad the piggies are safe and warm now xx

  9. doodz…WTF…sorree for that but we had ta sorta say it…we think thiz runz de gambit oh animals we haz now hurd of thatz been…dumped….everree thing from horses ta piggies…N ewe bring up a reely good point…..how doez one stop it…sad lee heer in de states, if therez a way ta …get a round sum thing….peepulz can & will due it coz itz bee done…..may bee if just for one week, all uz animals …dumped…..peepulz….with out food, shelter, safe tee, water, etc…stuff wood change ?? we troo lee hope de piggies will bee oh kay ♥♥♥

  10. All I can say is education from a very very young age..making it a part of schooling to value all life ..then more laws on pet ownership..licences maybe ..proof you have the capacity to care for your adopted animal..and the usual..neutering and breeding issues also come into this..and as Easy said people are worried about taking them to vets and shelters due to being made to feel bad…well then they KNOW what they are doing is wrong..but better than leaving any animal..made by man to be domestic out in the wild where they cannot fend for themselves..what can I say people stink..loves Fozziemum xx

  11. THIS PISSES ME OFF!!!! Dumping a defenseless animal is NOT better than taking it to the shelter. We may not want anipals to be left at the shelter but it is better than abandoning them!!!!!

  12. Very sad but on the bright side at least they were found. Have a wonderful Wednesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  13. This is very distressing.. how could anyone do this to an animal, especially a completely defenceless one is beyond me! I am saddened by this. :-(. Here in Australia and in my home country New Zealand there is a LOT of education and law around animal welfare but it still doesn’t stop abuse. I wish that I knew a better answer.

  14. What a horrible thing for anyone to do! I wish I lived there so I could adopt them. I’m so glad they were rescued. It seems to me that no matter how much the word is put out there about such things, there are always people who do whatever cruelties they do regardless. There is, unfortunately, no way to force cruel people to change. Hope they find happy forever homes, they deserve it (as do all animals).

  15. I think Education is the key here ,Teach the kids in school all through their years that they are in school and most of these cases would be eliminated,I don’t think it would stop all as there are always cruel people,but it would make it a rare problem instead of the norm,xx Rachel

  16. Urgh!! SO ANGRY!! I just can’t understand it!!
    I think it’s twofold really, education yes… but along with that I think we as a nation need to start respecting animals more. Starting with harsher sentences, well… actual sentences would be a good start, for animal abuse.
    I think education from a young age is needed but we also need practical applications so older folk sit up and take notice. lets face it… it’s rarely the kids abandoning the animals is it?
    I think it should be harder to get a pet, yes registering and licensing of some kind, I think would go a long way.
    Hugs, Carrie & Pups x

  17. hello hutchizens its dennis the vizsla dog hay speeking as a dog wot wuz dumpd in a desert kanyon with my brothers and sister and no food or water let me just say i do not approov of this beehayvyor!!! i piddle on the hyoomans wot dumpd them and tail wags to the persun hoo fownd and sayvd those poor guinea pigs!!! ok bye

  18. Stories like this make me sad. Sometimes there are genuine reasons for not being able to keep a pet but there is not excuse for dumping them

  19. Darling G-Pigs I have no idea how we can stop this abuse. People DO know right from wrong but they do not have souls it seems. I have NO idea how anyoen could abandon ANY animal. alot of people here can not afford the surrender fee at the Shelters which accounts for alot of ‘dumping’. It costs $49. to surrender a cat & more for a dog.
    I think we need lower surrender fees all over the world & we need larger facilities & staff. Maybe if it were less expensive & (dare I say) easier then people would be more inclined to do the ‘right’ thing for their 4 leggeds.
    Much love Noah, Nacho, Buddy & Basil from Sherri-Ellen x0x0x0x0

  20. It’s our responsibility to care for all the innocent and helpless little creatures of this world, how is that so hard for people to understand. I am so thankful someone found those two little sweethearts in the woods, and I am too scared to check the other link. I only hope that they are all okay.

  21. I can’t bare to think of these two little souls left alone in the cold wet woods. Cruelty knows no bounds. I think when they’re caught they should be fined and shamed publicly. Make them wer a sandwich board and walk the streets with a sign that says, “I’m being punished for cruelty to helpless animals”. Shame them! Laws need to change too. I like your idea of a mandatory pet registry. Every pet could be microchipped. My kitties are.

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  23. Hope you are OK. Miss you guys.

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